My first and only coach...for now!

  1. This week my first coach came! I am new to coach so all the older pieces I know about from this forum! I was on the hunt for my first bag looking through the reference library for ideas, and in the misc pieces I saw an absolutely beautiful bag that KymAnn had posted (with a matching purse that i still want!), and fortunately there was just the one on eBay, and it was below retail so I bought it! (After I had it authenticated by you lovely people at the authenticate this thread!)

    It's a Khaki and bronze signature snake satchel from the exotics collection.


    I am still on the hunt for the matching purse (FS6K31) and a large flap black Bleecker:graucho: Now I just need to save up!
  2. oooo super cute... love the color combo... always can count on the COACH signature... TDF! Congrats on owning your first!! :love:
  3. I love your new satchel!!! Beautiful!
  4. Thank-you! I love everything about it! Hopefully in the not too distant future it will be my first one of many :biggrin:
  5. Great first bag! Congrats!
  6. Thank-you!
  7. Thank-you! Hopefully I will have a great second bag soon too!
  8. That's a really beautiful bag; congrats!
  9. I'm mostly a leather kind of gal, but I have to say this bag is stunning!! Excellent choice...LOVE that bronze!!
  10. Congrats, GREAT first Coach! The trim is TDF!
  11. LOVE the bag!! Great choice!!
  12. i love it! Great choice and will go with so much!
  13. Congratulations! That bag is just gorgeous! :drool:
  14. i love khaki bronze first bag was the khaki bronze demi hobo
  15. great taste you have, love the bronze trim & the shape design.