My first and only CHLOE MINI PADDINGTON (mais) arrived!!! :D lots of PICS!!

  1. Hi ladies!!

    remember how I asked you the pick between the 3 colors for me? mais, blanc and black?
    and almost everyone voted for the mais!

    so I listened to you lovely ladies and went ahead and purchased from a pfer, hgbags, this mais for a good deal!

    but when I got home from work and carefully opened it up and started my usual "inspection" of every new bag I received..I noticed some defects :crybaby: (cracked on the rims and a dark spot at the handle..etc)..very very minor little things but they are I quickly went on my gmail account and msged hgbags from there!

    to my surprise, she was there and responded soooo quickly!! :yes: I told her about the defects I saw and she sincerely apologized. I also took some pictures all prepared to show her what I'm talking about so she doesn't think I'm lying..and to my surprise..:wtf: I'm still in the process of uploading them to my computer, she offered me a greater discount and refunded some money for its little imperfections!!!! I'm so glad!!:yahoo: I was purely just sad and wasn't really expecting anything back but was just a lil down by it..and everything worked out!!!

    I just want to say thanks to hgbags for such a lovely price and such a lovely bag!!

    although imperfections exist in this bag, it'll always seem perfect to me!! haha..I'm like talking as if the mini paddington is my kid!! :sweatdrop:

    and here are pictures of my baby: :drool: (I took lots and lots and lots! I think i went over board haha!! )
    tell me what you ladies all think!! :heart:

    Picture1 s.jpg


    Picture3 chloe.jpg

    Picture4 chloe.jpg

    Picture5 chloe.jpg
  2. Ohh she's so gorgeous :love: Congrats! :yahoo:
  3. Congrats!! Enjoy your new bag!!!
  4. It is truly a beautiful color! Immediately puts you in a good mood :yahoo:
  5. Awwww she's lovely! Congrats on your price reduction too!
  6. Oh congrats what a great service! To me it looks perfect. Enjoy your "baby"!
  7. Cute Cute Cute!!!!!!!!! I love mais!!!
  8. congrats on your new bag. I love the Mais.
  9. congrats!
  10. Such a beautiful color! Congratulations! Enjoy in the best of health!
  11. love it, congrats!!
  12. I've never purchased a chloe from HGBags but I have bought a b-bag from her and she is really the sweetest person to deal with. Responds to all e-mails immediately and always a doll.
  13. Your new "baby" looks gorgeous! Great choice!! :yahoo:
  14. Cute! I can't wait to get my Mini Paddy.

    I need to just go ahead and order it and quit waiting around. I don't know what I'm waiting for. :shrugs:
  15. Congrats, what a great choice!