My first and maybe last Gucci purchase

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  1. sorry to hear about that. I start to purchase my Louis Vuitton bag from Hong Kong now. But there is not warranty on my bag. Till now, I am still satisfied with my Mahina XL cream bag.
  2. good god whats wrong with them they should have given you a new bag!
  3. Ok ladies! I just listened to my vm and my baby is ready to be picked up today after work. I can't wait to see her. I hope they've fixed it and it won't frey again. I'll keep you posted. Just in case they didn't fix the problem I have their district managers name and number. Wish me luck!
  4. Good luck - I hope everything is all fixed to perfection. KUP.
  5. Thank God my ordeal is almost over!

    Friday night after dinner I rushed to Gucci to pick up my baby. He brought her out and at first glance it looked fine but instead of checking the side they should've fixed first I checked the other side of the pocket and that started fraying. Then I checked the side they should've fixed and it was still fraying. He was standing behind the counter while I was inspecting it and he saw with his own eyes and he then said let me go in the back to see if we have a new one. :yahoo: I'm finally getting a new one.

    But wait, it's not quit over yet. He came out with the new one and as I was inspecting it we got into a conversation about if this is a common thing for this purse. I mentioned that I read a couple of things in tPF about people having problems and he was quick to shoot that down with that's not this purse apparentaly he goes in tPF too and he knows what people were complaining about. I was really referring to babi3gurli3gurl's post because we shared the same dilemma and obviously I'm not the only one this has happened to. Anyway, he mentioned that I can send it out and they can, I think he said lacquer it? He explained that that's why my purse is priced the way it is because it doesn't have a zipper and the way they bind them yadda, yada, yada it will fray. So I opened my LV speedy and showed him the pocket and pointed out well this doesn't have a zipper and it's holding up fine. He said something like well it's binded better because it has material on top to bind it. In other words, BUY LV they are made better and almost the same price point!!! He asked me what do you think this material is referring to my Boston and speedy and I said we'll that's why I like the Boston because it's vinyl and it won't fray like your other Gucci handbags that's fabric and I love LV which is vinyl and they last forever so he said if you want your purses to last you should buy leather. I wanted to :bagslap: him because he's really not getting it. So I informed him that I don't want to purchase leather because I don't really use the same purse all the time because I like to rotate them and I get bored easily and my purses are important to me. All I really want is a well made purse that'll last more than 11 days. I mean $741.51 is nothing to sneeze at but it seems like he's implying that I got what I paid for with Gucci. But I was still trying to give him and Gucci a chance so not once did I mention getting my money back just an exchange.
    Back to getting it lacquerd . What if that doesn't work? He said it'll work. What if it doesn't then he was like then you can call me a liar. Yeah, well that's not a good enough answer. So I said what about exchanging it for a whole new purse that's comparable? This is where he redeemed my faith in Gucci's customer service. He said sure, I want your first experience with Gucci to be a good one. (Good luck with that).

    So I asked to see a couple of purses and I asked questions like what kind of problems do you know of with this purse. He answered my questions and I made a decision to get a messenger bag. They didn't have it and he is going to have to order it for me but he had to make a phone call and so he shook my hand and the SA I bought my boston f from is going to finish helping me which is fine so I thanked him. Apparantely, he was a manager.

    The SA is going to order it for me. I started thinking this is a sign maybe I should do more research. They were closing and I told the SA if I can just get a store credit. I didn't say get a refund I asked for a store credit. He said something to this effect: I know it's not your fault that the bag was fraying and it's passed the return policy and used that's why we are going to issue you a gift card to use for the other bag but I can ask him. Again, I wasn't asking for my money back I just don't want to be rushed to exchange the purse. Now doesn't that sound like he was doing me a favor and I should just go with the messenger bag? I mean I could've pushed for my money back but I really wanted to like Gucci but when he said that I knew that I need to cut my ties to Gucci. I politely said please ask.
    He came back and said he said yes so now I have a gift card.
    Now I've worked in retail for more than 10 years. As a part timer, full time, MIT, to an assistant manager I'm in another field now but the last store I worked for 7 years was all about customer service. If you are a shopper of Anthropologie you are aware of what their customer service is, just like Nordstrom. Now I'm not saying Gucci should extend their return policy I'm just saying they should not make that 10 day return policy their bible. It should depend on the situation and maybe that particular SA should have more training because he assumed a lot and made it like I'm the lucky one to be able to walk in a Gucci store and I'm the lucky one that I am able to spend my money on one of their precious handbags. Well I took the gift card and now I'm planning to sell it on Craigslist, granted I'll have to knock off $20-$40 off what the card is worth but I think it's worth it at least I can get a purse I know I can count on. For the Gucci lovers out there more power to you but I think I'll stick to LV.
    Now when I took the gift card I inquired if there's an expiration date he said no. With my luck it'll expire next week. Hopefully I can sell it so that I can get a purse that's worth my money and time.

    Thanks everyone!!! Wish me luck!!!!
  6. reztyle,

    I hear ya! I used to be a Gucci lover with 32 in my collection... it's been a year since I've bought anything Gucci. They've totally lost their appeal due to bad SAs, lack of quality, and simply bad collections for 2 straight seasons! Gucci better shape up!
  7. WHAT AN ORDEAL!!! Thanks for sharing this with us. Purses are an investment. I wouldn't buy a bad investment. Good Luck!
  8. I had the joy tote with the gunmetal trim... been using it for a month when I noticed that the laminated coating on the gunmetal leather was peeling. I had it returned to Gucci. Luckily, the SA was nice. She called back a few days later and told me that I have the option to replace it with a new one or I can pick a different style. Obviously, I picked a different one, this time, I made sure it's just leather and no metallic trimmings.
  9. after one month of buying my large chain horsebit hobo the chain came loose. I had to wait 2 months before it was repaired. It was well done, but it was a disappointment for a 1600 + dollar bag....
  10. So my ordeal is finally over. :yahoo: I sold my Gucci gift card.:yahoo::yahoo:

    But another saga begins. I swear I'm not a saddist! This Labor Day weekend I will be visiting my Mom and sis in So Cal and we're planning to go to Cabazon. I've been there before but didn't really had the chance to roam around so this time I will check out the Gucci and Prada outlets. I've decided even though I had such a bad experience with Gucci here and I'm still weary about their products I should still check out their outlet. I mean I won't buy a regular price item due to my ordeal and quality issue with their merchandise but if I'm getting a deal on it I'll reconsider.

    I'll keep you posted if I get anything and if it's worth the trip.
  11. That's why I just stay clear away from anything metallic. I know that across a lot of the brands, there's bound to be some peeling going on.
  12. rez--just keep in mind that the outlets are ALL SALES FINAL, so I'm not sure they'd help you at all if anything went wrong.
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    SoxFann777 I would love to see your Gucci Horsebit Large Hobo. Have you had any problems with it?
  14. Thanks for the heads up but I'm going in this not expecting much. I mean, granted I got a gift card after my ordeal which I was going to use but after the SA's attitude I just don't think I want to spend my money on their regular price mechandise considering the quality issue that's why I sold the gc. But if I do find something at the outlet it's easing my way back to Gucci and I won't feel so bad if something goes wrong because I didn't pay full price for it. I have to make sure I love it before buying it just like the way I loved my joy boston.

    When it comes to Gucci I am really catious now.
  15. It's good to be cautious, especially where you spend the money. Good luck with your trip with Gucci again. Keep us posted with new buys if any.