My first and maybe last Gucci purchase


Aug 11, 2008
Hello All,

I need to vent...I can't vent to my Hubby because he won't understand and he'll just want me to return it so please let me know what you think I should do.

To start off I don't really feel well so I might just be a bit sensitive. I left work early so that I can go home eat and sleep. I think I'm getting Hubby's cold. I got in my car and grabbed my blue tooth out of my Gucci purse pocket when I realized that the top of the purse pocket is fraying. So I called the store where I purchased my purse, Gucci Santana Row San Jose CA. I informed the person that I just bought my purse recently and I don't really know the exact date so can she look it up. She informed me that I bought it on August 9th which is literally 11 days ago. She informed me to bring it in and see what they can do.

This is my first Gucci, reason being is I like LV better because LV doesn't ever go on sale and they last forever but I don't discriminate other handbags so when I saw the Gucci 'joy' boston bag I feel in love with it and purchased it 11 days ago. Once I got home 11 days ago, I made a base for my new Gucci and used it the next day. I used it two days in a row but I've always wanted a Damier speedy 30 so I purchased one even though my Gucci is two days old. I got home and made a base for my damier LV speedy 30. On the third day I wanted to use my LV speedy 30 because it was folded in the box and I read in other postings that you need to use the purse to get rid of folds (duh),. So I stuffed my Gucci and gave it a couple of days off. After two days of using my speedy I decided I wanted to use my Gucci again. So I stuffed my LV speedy and gave it a rest. I've been using my Gucci since.

I got to the store and the person who sold it to me was there. I showed him what happend and he said that hopefully they won't need to send it out because it can take 6-8 weeks to get it back. I was like :cursing: Now remember I don't feel well so I wasn't up to arguing. I just :cursing: in my head. He said he'll show his manager and see what they can do.
When he came back he informed me that they can send it out and it'll take 3 days. Now mind you I am new customer with Gucci and I wasn't planning to return my purse so I didn't really pay attention to what their return policy was, which is 10 days unused. He acknowledged that it was a fairly new purchased and so he won't charge me. Again, what :cursing:???? I was tired so I signed the work order, left my purse and left the store and here we are.

I love my purse...I love all my purses but I don't know how my Gucci will hold up after this. After 11 days!!! I didn't even used it throughout the whole 11 days. I'm not rough with my purses, they're my babies. I mean the only thing I keep in the purse pocket of my Gucci is my blue tooth because I didn't want anything that'll pull the pocket down and now I don't know how I can buy another Gucci ever again scared that after 11 days something will fall apart. I called the customer service on the work order sheet trying to find out if this is a common thing for this purse but she really didn't want to hear it.

So we'll see...Hopefully, I'll get my purse sooner and hopefully nothing will be wrong with it. I asked him what if it happens again and he said then you can bring it in and we'll see what we can do. All I know is I am not going to keep sending it out. I want an exchange or my money back because their merchandise is not living up to par. All I can do now is wait but this will define if I'll ever purchase another Gucci again.

I'm :crybaby:



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Aug 14, 2008
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Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I had a very similar one with Gucci. I decide to give up on them because of quality for their price point.


Aug 2, 2008
wow i am TOTALLY glad you posted this thread b-cuz my supervisor was carrying one and i thought i wanted one too....guess not! i'll stick yo my love affair with coach..

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Aug 17, 2008
Why didn't they give you a new bag immediately? That return policy is not right at all. You pay a pretty penny for a purse and then they don't stand behind it? That's ridiculous.


May 25, 2008
Sorry about your bad experience.
I love your new Gucci! And the Prada bag's colour is amazing!
Jun 7, 2008
I'm sorry to hear about your awful experience. I've read many bad things about the Gucci Joy Boston bags which is why I'll probably never get one myself.

I hope that it is in perfect condition and STAYS that way when you get it back. I'd be pretty upset if I were you too - you don't pay that much for a bag just to have it fall apart!

Feel better!


Aug 11, 2008
Thanks everyone! I feel a little better.

I wasn't aware that the Gucci Joy Boston bags had problems. Just to show that I should do more research before purchasing. Live and learn. I miss my purse. Cross your fingers hopefully it holds up.


Jul 20, 2008
Aww, sorry you had a bad experience. You have the right to vent. Hope it returns in a better condition than you bought it;). Keep posted.


Aug 20, 2008
Charlotte, NC
They should take care of it for you. Because Gucci is handmade, sometimes there will be flaws but they can be corrected. I've sold hundreds of Gucci bags in my years of retail and know that sometimes these things happen. Don't worry and trust that gucci will make good on it.


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Oct 7, 2007
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reztyle, I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I was in a very similiar one like your's. I bought a D ring hobo recently and noticed where the handles meet the rings to connect to the bag was freying. I had only used the bag a few times within a one month time period. Like yourself, my bags are also my babies. So I brought it back into the Gucci store in Boston and they sent it out saying that they could "seal the seams so it will not frey again". They also told me that it would take 4 weeks; luckily it only took around 1 week instead. It was mailed to my home and when I opened it up, the threads were still freyed... but it was a little better than before. Unfortunately after this experience, I think I'll stick with LV........ :sweatdrop:


Jul 4, 2007
I thought Gucci gave a 1 year warranty on their bags where they were fully covered? Perhaps it's time to call corporate and see if they can do better for you.
Dec 1, 2007
Hi. sorry to hear that. my joy boston started fraying where that pocket is too, so i just stopped using that pocket at all. I was heart broken to see it do that too.