my first and hopefully not last chanel

  1. i recently went on vacation to china, macau, and taiwan. i dragged my bf with me to check out the chanel boutiques in shanghai, macau, and taipei. all this work paid off as i found a bag to take home with me in taipei!

    it's not really a classic style, but it's really sporty and casual and works with my normal wardrobe. it says petit shopper on the box. looks like it's from the perforated line... but it's in calfskin. i didn't know they made stuff in calfskin from that line. it's really durable for a white bag, any stains and color transfer just wipe off.

    i'm already thinking of buying another chanel though... maybe something more classic. this will be my summer bag!
    chanel 1.JPG
  2. Congrats! And, I love your DVF dress :yes:
  3. haha thank! i just got it today at the sample sale.
  4. Great bag and dress!! Congrats!!! :yahoo: ;)
  5. You're welcome! Oh, so not fair :sad: I want go to a DVF Sample Sale too!
  6. congrats! great bag for summer!
  7. what a great bag to use for the summer. Congrats!
  8. cute bag! congrats!
  9. That is a perfect summer bag, and it looks fantastic on you! Congrats on your first Chanel! There's no turning back now!
  10. Very pretty summer bag, congrats!
  11. ;)Enjoy your new summer bag! I love white bags....
  12. beautiful summer bag! Enjoy it :yahoo:
  13. nice bag .. congrats
  14. Very nice- congratulations
  15. Enjoy it is beautiful.