My first all-leather Gucci!

  1. I know I should not be purchasing right now (have to recover from the damage done from my dress) but I finally got my first all-leather bag that I've been drooling over... My cream Britt tote! I guess I could say it's an early birthday present, my birthday's coming soon.

    Before I saw it at 30% off and I was going to buy it then, thank god when I checked later it was reduced to half price! Used to be $14,360 HK (approx $1795 US), reduced to $7180 (approx $897.5 US). I was really surprised, because I've never seen Gucci selling at 50% off! It seems all the white leather bags are 50% off, including a cream amalfi which I loved, but I wouldn't get much use out of it because of it's size. The rust amalfi was still only 30% off.

    I absolutely love it, the leather is so smooth and soft and the hardware is so chic!

    I believe this was from the cruise '07 collection? I just noticed I don't have any spring/summer or fall/winter items, everything I have is cruise!

    Looks like my New year's resolution of spending less is not going to stick...
    DSC01747.JPG DSC01750.JPG DSC01752.JPG DSC01744.JPG
  2. i love it!!! I know this bag will look great with everything~~ CONGRATS!!
    AWESOME PRICE too $$$$
  3. oohhh v nice. Yes that leather is delicious.

    gucci lover I almost did not recognise you with your new avatar!!
  4. very nice bag!!! i wonder when I will be able to buy my very 1st all leather Gucci bag?!? :girlsigh: Congrats on your new bag though!!!
  5. Nice! Love the new avatar too!!!
  6. I love this bag! Congrats and great price!
  7. That bag is gorgeous! I am so jealous. Congratulations!
  8. Absolutely stunning! Amazing price too! :yes:
  9. This is SUCH a classy bag! Congrats!!
  10. Congratulations.
  11. Such a beautiful new bag! Great price too.
  12. Great buy! congrats it's gorgeous!
  13. Gorgeous bag!!!!!! Love the britt tote
  14. Congrats! Gorgeous!
  15. Great deal on a great bag!