My first action shot

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  1. Oh, gosh, he's not my DH -- he's just a friend from my training course! And if Ann was checking out his posterior, her DH won't be happy. :smile:

    I don't have a DH -- in fact, I'd be more likely to have a DW. :shame:
  2. You look stunning!
  3. Thanks for the clarification on which person you were!! I think the scarf looks great. I am completely tie-challenged and most often end up slipping on a scarf ring for that very reason. I also put on my scarf late when I am dashing and never take the time to play with them to try to get certain colors or design features to show (or not)! It took me a VERY long time to realize that I should pay attention to how a scarf ties - particularly difficult, of course, with ones purchased online. I now always check out the size of the border, whether there are contrasting hems or some other interest there and what the four corners look like. I also check out what is current on, just to get an idea and also for future reference - I tend to decide that I must have a scarf after it is long gone from the boutiques! If I've already checked it out, I know how I will like it.

    Yours looks great - and the colors in the scarf are beautiful!
  5. LanguorousLass Congratulations!! Great pic, you look absolutely lovely.
  6. You and your scarf look beautiful! I like the way you have the knot (is this what you call it?) on the side... plus the scarf complements your outfit well. Thank you for sharing :smile:
  7. Thanks, everyone! I wore the scarf again yesterday, tied in the traditional square knot with ends hanging down my chest (I would have taken an action shot, but didn't have time in the morning, had to change quickly after work to get to my yoga class, and didn't want to re-dress in my whole professional outfit just to take a pic). I picked the rest of my outfit specifically to harmonize with the scarf, but it still took me awhile to fold and tie it so the colors I wanted were showing.

    Luvbolide, thanks so much for the thoughts about folding and about scarf rings. I'm going to borrow several of your suggestions. In particular, I would never have considered the issues you mentioned about scarf rings causing pulls in, or leaving marks on, scarves -- I was about to bid on a couple of rings on eBay, but am now reconsidering based on your post. (I may bid on one of 'em anyway and, if I win it, use it solely with my many cheapo scarves.)
  8. Beautiful!!!