My first action shot

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  1. The scarf really brightens up your outfit and you face (eventhough we can't see it, you can feel it)!!
  2. Fabulous colours on you... I wish I could wear my scarf 1/100th as nice as it looks on you...
  3. You look great! I think you did a great job tying the scarf. I have a few scarves, but I'm also not good at tying them. The scarf rings have really made it a lot easier for me to use my scarves.
  4. LL you look wonderful!!
  5. I love it!
  6. What a great couple! Beautiful scarf!
  7. You look great and did a wonderful job tying it too! I feel your pain though! Even with the scarf tying instructions right in front of me I am still all thumbs but I keep trying! The color looks smashing on you too!
  8. I think you look great!
  9. I think you look happy:P AND FABBY!!!!:nuts:
  10. LL, congratulations, it looks great - well done!!!
  11. You look lovely and thanks for posting, we all love action shots, very much appreciated.
  12. Stunning scarf LL!! You did a fantastic job on tying it!
  13. Thanks all! It's great to have your support.

    I think I'm going to start looking at scarf rings -- not Hermes though, I can't realistically afford them, and want to save the $$ for the scarves themselves.

    I also bought a "playtime with your scarf" booklet on eBay yesterday -- yes, I know the info is available on-line, but I wanted to have a nice hard copy to prop up by the mirror while I'm experimenting. (I actually wrote "working" first, but realized what that shows about my attitude! This process needs to be fun!)

    Thanks again, and hugs to all!
  14. LL - I am totally ineapt at tying my scarves. The scarf rings helped a lot, but I find that often they are 'too much'. Maybe we should ask Rose to set up a correspondence course where she assigns a knot, and we send in photos of our homework. LOL!
    P.S. I think you look fine!
  15. Great LL! I think it is just lovely how you have it tied!
    It's all about being confident with the knot.
    I saw that lady in the back I think she adores scarves as well or checking on your DH's posterior!
    When I first saw this thread title I was thinking something else...:censor: