My first action shot

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  1. Here, at long last, is a photo of me wearing my blue Colchiques/Flora Graeca.

    I have to say that I'm not totally thrilled with how it looks -- will have to study those scarf-tying threads carefully, now that my training course is finally over and I actually have time.

    I will also have to learn to figure out how a scarf will look when tied before buying on-line. I didn't realize how much mustard and green was in the pattern when I bought the scarf -- when I went to fold and tie it I was startled by the predominant colors.

    Does this make me not a good scarfie? :sad:

    (BTW, I'm the one on the right.)

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  2. You're a fine scarfie LL well done :smile:

    When you buy a scarf from you can click to see it folded :idea:
  3. Thanks, Handybags. I bought this one from Opportunities, which didn't show it folded, so I guess in the future for sellers like them I'm going to have to use my imagination and do some mental folding. :hrmm:
  4. LL I am LOL at your clarification!
  5. ^^^ me too!!! congrats!!! i think it's lovely how you have it tied!
  6. You look beautiful! Gorgeous scarf!!!
  7. Tell me about it!:lol: Relax and do it any way way you are comfortable with your scarf! You look:okay:
  8. i think the scarf looks fabulous on you....congrats!
  9. You look beautiful in your scarf. I do a much better job tying mine after a glass of red wine.:nuts:
  10. the scarf looks great...:tup:
  11. You look wonderful!!!!! I think you did a great job!!!!!!
  12. How pretty!!
  13. OH, yay, it looks beautiful!!!
    dont worry, you will get better...but you did a great job...

    you will get better with the colors, too. And different folding shows different parts of the carre. but the colors look really good on you. YAY!

    the lady in the background is smiling because she knows you have an H scarf and thinks you are all hotness, LL!! I think she is a scarfie, too!!

  14. It looks beautiful! What a great find!
  15. LL, you look stunning. :smile: