My first accessory & some family photos!!!

  1. I know not many love GH accessory. I am not sure I love it over RH accessory but I LOVE my SGH EB Mini Compagnon. I was so blown over when I open my package. In fact I was already so hyper when the postman came a knocking earlier today. I even left my hot cup of coffee & breakfast aside to open my package & went WOW WOW WOW!!! :love: Sorry for sounding like a lunatic but I am beginning to suspect Bbags actually does drive one out of this world, at least I think it does that to me. :s

    Here's my little-st addition & some family shots!!!
    BEBminicompagnon.jpg BEBminicompagnon3.jpg bfam2.jpg bfam7.jpg bfam8.jpg
  2. Pretty, nice family you have going there:smile:
  3. Love it! EB is really growing on me! I have the EB GSH Money Wallet and I love it, though I have to be really careful with it in my purse. It's already showing signs of wear, but I guess I have to get over's a wallet after all. Congratulations on your new addition!
  4. "F", That is SO hot! You are really killing me with all your TDF EB!
  5. A gorgeous new addition to your family!! Thanks for the pictures/eye candy!! :yes:
  6. Thank you all for your kind words!!! :smile:

    MandB, I worry about signs of wear too, how fast did yours show? I am thinking of carrying my wallet in the dust bag in my bag...eeeks I sound like I am suffering from paranoia!!! :nuts:

    *S*, Get your EB SGH!!! Get an EB SGH something!!! :angel:
  7. that wallet is cute! congrats!
  8. "F", I like your avatar! That Bal sandwich is too cute!
  9. glossie *C*, The wallet is HUGE, not cute LOL!!! But I am used to a huge wallet I cannot hold in my small hands. :lol:

    *S*, Thanks babe! :smooch:
  10. FABULOUS addition! It is so :heart::heart: And your collection looks so pillowy and lush! :drool:
  11. Niceee!!! :tender: Congrat "F" that is one cute little addition to the beautiful family :happydance:
  12. Beautiful!! EB is a show stopper!
  13. O:huh:o ... congrats! That looks hot against the pink!
  14. Wow! Your collection is growing fast! And such fun, bold colors. I love all of them. Congrats :tup:!

  15. Looks Great!!! The leather on all your bags look fantastic!!