***My first 2009 purchases!***

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  1. #1 Jan 23, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2009
    I was quite busy recently - I did not get the chance to do a live reveal.
    But I still want to share my first purchases for 2009 with everyone here! :wlae:

    Here we go...

    As I've first seen this beauty here on tPF I immediately called LV to get waitlisted for it! And... I got her: the roses NF!
    The NF is made in the same week as I got waitlisted! (51th week 2008)

    btw: mine is made in France. I guess it depends on where you live which one you get. (USA or France)

    I really love the roses on the mono :heart:

    I love the pink inside! :love:

    I got the Graffiti phone charm as a bag charm. The pink is exactly the same!
    I tried the bigger bag charm at the store too. But I found it a little bit too huge... it kind of stole the show!

    Here's a closer pic of the charm... Right, I used the Graffiti pareo as a background! :yahoo:
  2. [​IMG]
    And some detail shots of the pareo.
    I use it as a scarf! I really :heart: it. (I think more than the leopard stole...)
    I was really lucky to get one. My store only got one and it was supposed to be for another customer. But the other customer didn't like it and I got the chance to buy it!

    Here's me wearing the pareo my favorite way!

    I wanted the roses scarf and the Sprouse limited edition book, too. But they said that they couldn't sell those to me because they needed them for the window display. :crybaby:

    But than... something unexpected happend on my way to the cash desk...
    I knew I had to grab it before it's gone!


    :cloud9: I wanted this for sooooo loooong!

    A silver Dentelle wallet!

    Here's a close up pic:

    And the best thing is: I really have an excuse to buy this!
    After getting my new cellphone it doesn't fit together with my Zippy wallet into my Milla MM pochette anymore!
    But the Dentelle wallet and my cellphone do fit!
  3. Congrats, love the pareo i'm just considering whether or not to get one but it looked too thin to me! is it lighter than the leopard? does it come in other colours?
  4. congrat! i love the roses nf:woohoo::tender:
  5. Congrats congrats congrats! That's three for your new LVs. Hehe.
    I love the Roses Neverfull and the Pareo (you wear it well)! You take gorgeous photos, too!
  6. It is much lighter than the leopard! The leopard is 70% cashemere and 30% silk - the Graffiti is 100% cotton.

    It really is light - but it's perfect for the spring weather here!

    It only comes in green. I would have liked the other colors, too. :tdown:
    But I'm actually really happy that there aren't all three colors available - it would have been really hard to choose!
  7. I looove your pics and you have a great modelling-pic of the scarf :smile:
    Congraaaats :smile:
  8. Congrats! Wow, nice purchases!
  9. Very beautiful! Enjoy your new LoVes!
  10. Great pieces and great pics too. The Pareo looks amazing on you.
  11. Congrats on all your new pieces, they are stunning !

    I can't believe you were able to find a dentelle piece as well ! :yes:
  12. Gorgeous photography, really captures the beauty of LV well. Love the scarf on you and the phone charm is perfect on the Neverfull. Congrats!
  13. nice pics!! the scarf looks great on you:tup:
  14. Congrats. I love them all.
  15. Congrats!