My Finsk Shoe Reveal *Warning, these aren't for faint-hearted*

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  1. #1 Sep 30, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2010
    Ok, so I saw these shoes a little while ago on Finsk's website and I thought... whoa, those are the most amazing shoes I have ever seen! They are called the Project 2 shoes and you can only have them by going to the Finsk website and asking by email. The price is nothing like you'd think either, I was really happily surprised! The manager who helped me was SO nice and helpful and there was a very good deadline for them to make the shoes to, since these are special order. Even there is technically no heel, they are about 7 and a half or 8 inches high. I just got them in the mail 30 minutes ago, and it took a little work, but I could walk in them fine :smile: Anyway, here are the photos. I took with photo booth, but I am going to update with cleaner pictures later on. Here is the site and just a little note- The designer received the Manolo Blahnik award for shoe design 2 times.

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  2. Those are amazingly cool and a little bit scary!!! They are works of art!
  3. Thank you! I agree, works of art for sure! I am so happy about them. I always wanted some heels that were heel-less :smile: They were a little bit scary to walk in at first, but it will be ok now :biggrin:
  4. May I ask, what is the price? And please keep us updated on just how comfortable they are. I've heard the pony hair Finsk wedges are really comfortable, but that was from just once source/one pair of feet. :smile:

    They are gorgeous, I must say! Congrats!!
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    They are 500 to 600 UK pounds, which is 700 something to 900 and something USD. I think it just depends on location because of shipping. For as high as they are, they are in the middle on the comfort scale, and you also have to remember that there is not a real heel to support, so you have to learn a new way of balancing :smile: Also, they shipped them earlier than they said, so that was making me happy and they packed the shoes so well. They put some tissue paper in every nook and cranny, wrapped them in bubble wrap, and made sure they did not move around in the box. I also love the dust bag (random, but some dustbags make me happy).
  6. Very cool! :tup:
  7. Thank you :smile: I am so excited about wearing them out!
  8. here is a better pic with a real camera. I am so posting modeling pics when I actually where them out this weekend!

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  9. whoa! these are intense!! very cool!!!!
  10. those are very fashion forward- I would love to see them with an outfit. Congrats on your new shoes and I know you will rock them:rochard:
  11. linhhhuynh- Thank you! :smile:

    babyontheway- Thank you and you will definitely see them with an outfit this weekend :graucho: I think of them as being a step towards individuality. I have been thinking alot about fashion this past year and I see no problem with trends because I follow some of them, but I think Daphne Guiness is right... we are losing fashion through lack of individuality. We need more of it, and that doesn't mean dressing crazy, it just means wearing what you love and being comfortable in your clothes.
  12. these are amaaaaaazing I can't wait to see you rock these IRL OMG!!!!
  13. Thank you!! I can't wait to wear them out either :nuts:
  14. Yes...loving the actual camera shot! Those are really awesome shoes!!!
  15. Wow, very cool shoes!