My "Finds" @ the Outlet!

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  1. I went to the outlet finally this weekend...after saying every week that I'm planning on going. Anyways it had some great stuff. I wanted one of everything. But I went home w/
  2. CUTE!!!! Love the pink!
  3. Congrats on your nice purchases!!! Ooh, I just bought the same print, different shape from a seller on Ebay. I think it is adorable! I saw it when it first arrived at the outlets (back in March) but it was too expensive for me. Here is mine:
  4. I love the scarf!! It was weird at the outlet b/c the smaller purses in this print like the smaller tote was $150.00 & the one I bought was cheaper ($140.00) & it's the biggest they had. I ended up paying $98.00 for it b/c it was an additional 30% off. I was soo excited!!
  5. Both those bags are gorgeous!
  6. omg they have umbrellas? ive been looking for a cute umbrella..
  7. The nearest Coach outlet to me is about 40 minutes; for 30% off, I may have to hightail it there! Was everything 30% off or just selected merchandise?
  8. Most of the merchandise was like already at great prices but w/ the additional 20 to 30% off it was even better...I think it was on most items but not all.
  9. What outlet do you go to?
  10. Love them! I'm crazy about pink!
  11. I usually go to the leesburg premium outlets, but I sometimes go to the williamsburg outlet if I'm there for busch gardens (rarely though). I think the williamsburg outlet is cheaper than leesburg just b/c of the location. But I could be wrong.
  12. Love it! Everything is so cute and colorful. My outlet doesnt have that pretty cosmetic case, I wish they did.

  13. lol, I was just at Leesburg this morning, they had some great stuff. I got this diaper bag
    for $160! (Last one.) It is great.
  14. I went Saturday midday..It was just starting to rain when I finished shopping so I had a shirt covering my coach tote so it didn't ruin the leather..people were looking at me like I was crazy!! Was it pouring when you went this morning? That's the only thing that sucks about outside malls---the weather.
  15. i have the little pouch in a larger bag form--i get compliments on it ALL the time! you will love it!:yes:
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