My find at Dillards

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  1. :wlae:

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  2. Nice! The gray is very pretty.
  3. Think it will be great with my Cherry Sabrina?
  4. Yes!
    It will go will a lot of things, IMO.
    We're twins...I own her too! :smile:
  5. Oh that's beautiful! I saw it IRL and the pictures don't even do it justice. Is that colour a department store exclusive? I've never seen that in the outlets and I don't remember seeing it in the boutiques.
  6. I havent seen it in the stores myself. It may be something only department stores carry. Im not sure. I found it on sale for half off!! YEAH!! My Cherry Sabrina hasnt came yet. I decided on cherry after the ordeal with the Berry. :mad:
    Then after looking at my clothes.. my cherry would be a better color. I wanted something to stand out against the rest. All the girls here will be carrying the Leah. I like the Sabrina better.
  7. That is very pretty! :tup:
  8. Very cute, I love the Gray color! Great find, congrats!
  9. Very nice. I saw that at my Dillard's last night. I think there were wallets to match too.
  10. That size is dept. store exclusive, but IDK about the color. I've only ever seen the gray (grey?) at Macy*s, etc., but I can't say for sure about dept. exclusivity on colors.

    I got the small wristlet in magenta at Macy*s and then the capacity at the boutique (had a return from MIL, otherwise I would have gotten it at Macy*s or the outlet).
  11. Love the grey:heart:
  12. :heart:....Great color!!!
  13. I purchased the same wrislet at my Dillards earlier this week but took it back the next day because I love the pink one I got at the outlet more. I hope you enjoy it. You kinda make me wish I would have kept it now. LOL!!
  14. I got that one @ Macy's and I carry it with my cherry Sabrina a lot.
  15. I got that one at Dillards also, but in the pink. The gray is hot though.