My Find 4 today ( View Do)

  1. View Do

    Dont know how to do certain things like

    Do a wall flip

    how to make bbq ribs

    how to change oil

    How to tie a tie

    Make jello shots

    how to tweeze eyebrows

    Check out View Do can all most find how to do " anything "

  2. Very cool! I tried to do the hand whistle, but I can't do it :sad: :sad: :sad:
  3. too cool thanks
  4. i couldn't do the hand whistle either. The wall flip and back flip look so cool but I'd probably bust my head open on the floor.

    I now know how to tie a double windsor knot though!
  5. I loved the Balducci Levitation. I was so impressed with the kids presentation! He has a future in public speaking.......
  6. that's a great page, thanks for sharing!
  7. Fun! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Thanks, I always LOVE new websites!!
  9. Great site - thanks!!:flowers:
  10. :yahoo: :yahoo: Did someone say jello shots? I love jello shots and 3 day weekends!!!!:yahoo: :heart: :yahoo:
  11. Hey! What a neat site! Thanks! I'll probably spend the rest of the night learning to do useless things lol.
  12. That's neat! I wanna try some of that stuff.
  13. I love this site, thanks for the link! I tried making origami stars which turned out well, but the two-hand whistle I still can't do even after watching the video. What I loved most about viewdo is the backflip and wallflip clips, sooooo funny! (I have no intention of trying them though for fear of breaking my neck:P ) I know of another similar site to this called VideoJug - Life Explained. On Film. which has some interesting things, although I'm concerned that they have a video on "How to brush your teeth" lmao.
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