my find 4 today ( Mini Socks) cute


    go to the site to see how the look with a shoe on

    They come in a variety of colors.
    I think they are cute and different , i may try a pair

    what do u think ??

  2. Wow, those are neat. I want a pair! You can give an old pair of shoes a whole new look.
  3. WOW! Those are really really cute! Let me know if you get them!
  4. Those are wild. I wish they had actual photos, though; it's a bit hard to picture.
  5. Crazy! I can't picture them on an actual foot though!
  6. Looks cute but I agree that actual pics will be great
  7. Here's an actual photo:
  8. They look a little novelty to me, but if you can pull it off, they'd look hot!
  9. With certain shoes I think they would look great. I like the one that ties at the ankle the best.
  10. i really like them.....they are cute and stylish.