My FINAL exchange-this is it!!!

  1. My last exchange!! I went from the caviar white flap to the navy flap to the lux medium bowler. I found my bag:heart: :heart: I love this bag soooo much! I love the flaps but I just found myself not wearing them and I was looking for a bag to carry all the time. The real test of true love is when you remove the tags (after pics) without hesitation!!! No more exchanges for me:biggrin: :love:

    While at Saks I did see the new chocolate caviar flap. What a GORGEOUS color!!! I hope it comes in a tote as well-I forgot to ask.:shame:
    purses 011.jpg purses 019.jpg purses 017.jpg
  2. ^you are tooooo funny! Looks perfect! Congrats! I am using my Lux tote today and like it alot....
  3. Thanks Jill! BTW I tried on the tulum GM:heart: :heart: It's next on the list!!! I have you to thank for that!:graucho:
  4. FABULOUS!!!!:love: Everytime I see the lux bowlers I think I need one in every color.:shame:
  5. Congrats! You made a good final choice!
  6. Oh, I love this, it looks great on you. This is what I'm planning on for my next purchase! :love:
  7. ^^LOL! I know what you mean! I am ALREADY DRooling over other would think I could chill for a whole week!!???LOL!
  8. Great choice! I'm using my metallic black one today! Sooo tempted by the silver or gold--but I figure I need to diversify!
  9. WOW! I really like the lux line. Congrats on your new bag. It looks great on you.
  10. Its beautiful!! Congrats!!

  11. I :heart: this bag SO MUCH
    I wanted the gold so bad and my DH said HE hated it..(what do men know lol) I think I will make a call this week for the black myself..Enjoy it..
    It looks GREAT on you:P
  12. excellent choice. the bowlers are TDF!
  13. I'm so happy for you! I think you picked a great everyday bag! Enjoy!
  14. That bag looks like it was made for you. It's perfect!
  15. I like it a lot!
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