My final exam had a purse-obsessed character!

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  1. Okay, I'm a dork for finding this funny, but..... I'm in law school and my exam for my wills and trusts class had a question about a woman who gifted away her $40,000 purse collection in her will. Just made me laugh so hard when I read it. Guess she must have known what I was looking at during class! :roflmfao:
    And instantly, the exam was more enjoyable as I could just imagine the handbags in this person's collection!
  2. ha! i'm an attorney too....and i would have cracked up if one of my law school exams had had a fact pattern that was actually that entertaining! too bad there weren't pics of the collection...LOL!
  3. Probably better there weren't pictures- I would have been far too distracted to actually answer the question:smile: Funny thing is- the professor that wrote the exam doesn't seem to have a purse obsessoin at all- she doesn't even carry a handbag- she has a wheeled suitcase for her books. So I really think she must have noticed my friend and I looking at this forum during class breaks (we sat one row up from the front, so entirely possible). Really cute! Nothing like making the fact patterns interesting!
    Shoppingsmycard- my prop. professor first year and a huge fact pattern (half the exam) about the Desperate Housewives!
  4. What a coincidence for you! Almost like a personalized exam. *fantasizing about someone willing me $40k in purses*
  5. LOL. I would have definetely been distracted like what is this collection like?:P