My final decision and look what i ended up getting.

  1. OK every one i ended up not keeping either one of those giant Bbags. :nuts: I really love my Giant Natural work and i don't think i need to have another one but instead i found this gorgeous Vert D'eau City at NM.:graucho: I never thought that i would like this color but it is very pretty IRL. This will be my S/S bag and it goes very well with Jeans, White, Black, and Navy. I wear a lot of White in summer time. You all are going to think that i am nutts but this is it and i am keeping it. :yes: The leather is yummyyyyyyyy.:drool:
    Thanks Shasta for the modeling pics.:heart:
    IMG_2350 (2).JPG IMG_2360 (2).JPG IMG_2362 (2).JPG img_2354 (3).jpg
  2. Gorgeous, congrats! Great colour for summer!
  3. THAT'S THE BEST CHOICE OF ALL NANAZIE!!!!!!!!:love: :love: :love: :love: You have the best taste!!!!!! Enjoy that beauty!!!:heart: :yahoo: :heart:
  4. That bag is sooooo beautiful. The leather is scrumptious!

    Fabulous summer bag!
  5. The best color ever !!!!!!
  6. you are too funny! I'm so glad you finally decided ;)
  7. I haven't seen this color IRL, but think I'd really like it too. I'm surprised so many people dislike it. It seems so pretty. Excellent choice. Glad you made your decision.
  8. Beautiful! And the leather is awesome.......Congrats!:yahoo:
  9. The bag is beautiful. Enjoy! :smile:
  10. i love it!! I think you made the right choice, that color is so gorgeous and great for the summer!
  11. Well I certainly don't think you're crazy :p

    I looooove it - and the leather really looks amazing!
  12. I told nanaz that I will believe it when she sends me the receipt so she cant return it. Empty mailbox today.:p It IS a gorgeous bag. Much nicer than the others. Girl, you are too much!:smile:
  13. Love it!Just beautiful! :love:Congrats, Nanaz!:yahoo:
  14. Sooooo very pretty nanaz!!! Model it for us girl!!! :yes:
  15. so pretty, congrats!