My Final decision and I need help, please

  1. OK...After too many question in many Designer Forums for a new bags and my decision goes to LV denim baggy PM :nuts: !!!

    But one more question!

    I saw a denim patch work in speedy style and just wonder how much it will cost??? I wanna compare the price with the Baggy PM. If the price is not too high, I will go for it. Anyway, if it is too expensive, I will go for 2 bags instead.

    Thank you and hope you guys will not feel bore with my too many questions :shame:
  2. Anyone?? ,Please
  3. There was a previous post on the price of the denim patchwork speedy --- I think it was $1,830 or something high like that. The baggy PM is definitely cheaper!! Good luck with your choice!!
  4. Sorry, I don't know anything about the patchwork but I love the Baggy! I hope to get one real soon too!

    Great taste :smile:!
  5. I thought it was lower than that in another post about it? :confused1:
  6. I think twiggers is a pf'er who is getting a patchwork speedy, she'd know for sure. It's a stunning speedy btw. the denim baggy pm is really cute too! Have fun shopping!
  7. My SA told me the Patchwork Denim Speedy is going to be priced approx. SGD$3500 = USD$2330
  8. I recall it was originally listed as $1300 in the look book, but was increased for some reason. I remember Twiggers wanting this speedy, but after she saw the price increase, she decided not to go for it. I hope Twiggers can confirm. :smile:
  9. The baggy PM here in UK is 600 pounds and if the patchwork speedy is $1830 (approx 950 pounds). It's a bit expensive to me. As I can pay only 800 pounds or less. I just bought baby cabas and botega recently so I have not such a hugh budget money too spend now :shame: .

    Thank you everyone for your replies :yes:
  10. That's impossible to be $1300 as the normal Denum speedy is already expensive than that. I guess ???:confused1:

  11. Oh! If it is $2330, I have to say goodbye :supacool:
  12. I asked for the price today and it's on the system at 880 UK pounds and also reserved for one. Thanks for all your replies.
  13. The baggy pm is my favorite bag ever. Sigh.
  14. The denim patchwork speedy is "supposed" to be $1890! We'll see what it ends up actually being! LOL
  15. Hello Baglady,

    You look so young as everyday .. ha ha..

    I try a baggy GM and PM bag today and the PM is better on me. I like the way it looks so casual and most important - it's a permanent line :rolleyes: .

    Anyway, I will wait for a patchwork speedy. If it is 880 pounds as the SA said, I will go for it. As my BF said that it's more stunning and don't worry about Baggy PM which I can buy whenever I have money. As it will not out of production. :supacool:

    PS: I will use an OLAY when I'm hit 30 (lol)