My Final Classic Has Arrived ....!!!

  1. hahaha sounds just like my husband:smile:
    Your bag is gorgeous!! I normally don't like flaps but now....
    Do you mind sharing the price?
  2. wow what a beautiful handbag :smile:
    but you're right about the price increase!
    At least you have all the classics and they will only need to visit the chanel store every now and then :smile:
  3. queenbee11, hope I'm not too late to send my heartiest congratulations to you :smile:
    I can feel your joy & excitement of owning her and you wear her well :smile:
    She is such a classic & subtle beauty!
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    It's $4900 in U.S. I see that you live in Paris! How fabulous!!!!! I think it's cheaper there.
  5. Thanks so much! I never liked reissues before I joined the wonderful world of Chanel on TPF but now I adore her!!
  6. So true, I got the same one as urs in 227 and she is so wearable and easy on the shoulder compared to my jumbo double flap :smile:
  7. Gorgeous!!!!! And love your iPhone case too!! Congrats!! :hugs:
  8. Congrats on your red 227 too!!! I bet yours is a better size as you can fit more stuff in there and it's still so light!! I have only seen a 227 on line, not in person. It's bigger than jumbo but smaller
    Than maxi??!! Enjoy your fabulous find!!
  9. Thanks!! Besides Chanel, I am obsessed with Helllo Kitty!!
  10. love it
  11. it is gorgeous, gratz

  12. Thanks!!! I can't wait to take her out again tomorrow!!!!
  13. I have the Chanel Cambo tote bag that I want to sell and have receipts and serial card and want to know if anyone is interest? Let me know! It's all black and pink inside. Discontinue but still in good condition.
  14. nice red reissue
  15. Congratulations! I love it x