My fifth Chanel piece and my first lambskin piece...LOVE IT! *pics*

  1. I dropped by the post office today to pick up my fifth Chanel came all the way from Cyprus :smile:


    I've been lusting over this for awhile now and since I missed it when it was still around I was so happy I found's unused and in perfect condition, plus I got it way below retail! I'll have to be careful when I'm using it but won't be afraid to use it. Lambskin does feel amazingggg...maybe I'll buy a lambskin flap some day?

    This will be the perfect wallet for my black classic flap. I have several Vuitton wallets but none of them fit nicely inside the flap without taking up too much room. Now my wallet can finally match my bag, too!

    I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the Chanel Camellias...I know I said no bags for awhile after my black classic flap but that won't prevent me from getting more Chanel accessories. I have my 6th piece on the way (Camellia sunglasses) and I'm looking for my 7th! (Prescription glasses) I can't wait!!!

    If I see the Camellia rings at Chanel today I will be in big trouble...:sweatdrop:

    So here it newest piece:

    Black lambskin Camellia wallet!!!



    And one more picture without flash:

    new1.jpg new2.jpg new3.jpg camellia.jpg
  2. congrats!! love the wallet!
  3. Congrats karman, i like the phase at which your chanel collection is growing.
  4. Gorgeous! That wallet is a real beauty, Many Congrats!
  5. u got a great wallet, congrats
  6. It's so beautiful!! I love the camellia too, and I've been lusting over this wallet as well. Isn't lambskin such a gorgeous leather?? Congrats!
  7. congrats! you are really on a Chanel roll Karman!
    and i think i did see some camellia accessories when i was last there! dun dun dun! heehee
  8. Thanks gals!

    OH MY! Lynds I am going there today...I want a ring...or a pair of earrings...hehe! Specifically pink camellia something...I actually hope I don't see anything I like or I'll be spending way too much money! Eek!
  9. Aww, Congrats Karman!! She's pretty!! :girlsigh:

  10. :huh:Oh i have one of these too.. it's s:huh:O soft! You're gonna love it! cOngrats.. :tup:
  11. it's so gorgeous! congrats! how about a collection shot? :graucho:
  12. very pretty....congrats on ur first lambskin!!!
  13. Gorgeous! Love the Camellia Line. I am impressed by your Chanel hunting skills.
  14. Nice wallet! Congrats! I'm sure lambskin smells good too! :graucho:

    Oh...I wish Chanel will make small purse that will also fit CCs, change & cell phone, something like LV wipity, you know. That's what I'm looking/hoping for.

    Anyway, I'm also thinking to get Chanel prescription glasses. Do you know where to get in Canada?
  15. Loves it!