My fiance just won this bag for me on ebay, what colour is it?

  1. :woohoo: im so glad a PF gal got it!!! i so almost bid on this....but decided i really want either cherry blossom or berry.

    im pretty sure it's geranium, darlin' a BEAUTIFUL bag and color!!!
  2. I used to have a cherry blossom and a berry venetia!
  3. congrats, beautiful bag!
  4. ooohh, cherry blossom! i think this is mj's prettiest pink. i love the name too.
  5. is it cherry blossom??? i though that color was a softer pink??
  6. No it's not Cherry Blossom, I just sold a cherry blossom it is much paler
  7. i have a cherry blossom's a pic
  8. Yah, don't think that's cherry blossom either... :shrugs:


    Congrats on the bag!
  9. ^^opps.... posted the pic in the wrong thread anyway it's definetely geranium, not cherry blossom
  10. Agree... I believe this is geranium. Pretty bag!
  11. wow. great bag and fiance! they're both keepers!
  12. I wish we had a pic of all the pinks side by side. Unless you have seen it in person, it is difficult to kmow what the true color is when you see a pic on E-bay. I bought two soft calf styles on e-bay this week and I have never seen the actual colors in person. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I like them when I get them.
  13. Adding a pic for future reference! :smile: