My Fiance Is In The Final 5 For A Hershey's Commercial!please Vote For Him!

  1. Sorry I have been away for a bit , I have missed you ladies (and gentlemen) I am so swamped working on a new musical thatopens next week. We just got great news last night, my fiancé and his long-time comedy partner just got picked as one of the top 5 for a 30 second Hershey's Take 5 commercial! This was a national competition with over 100,000 entries; the winner gets their commercial nationally aired! My fiancé, Billy and his best friend of 25 years, Sean have been performing as long as they have been friends and are an amazing team. They both turned 40 this year and have really been down in the dumps about their careers “never going anywhere". This honor came at such a great time for them, I am so proud! They wrote, directed and shot the video and did all the music and animation as well. There are 5 finalists and now they are picking the winner based on votes , it's a bit of a pain to register, but you only have to do it once ....and , yes I am biased but their clip is by far the best....It's titled: Simpering Idiots " .

    The website is at you click on the "Win" Tab to vote......

    Thank you for your support if you can vote for my man!

  2. ohhhh and I ran the boom microphone......:greengrin:
  3. hahhaa, that's awesome!!! great commercial. he got my vote!

    btw whats the prize and be sure to keep us updated! good luck!
  4. ha ha! great commerical, he has my vote!
  5. I just put in my vote for "Simpering Idiots"-- didn't bother to even look at the other ones because his was so funny and so creative!! Good luck!!!
  6. Ok! Congrats to them!!!!! Ok, I will register and vote for them!! Good luck, hopefully they win!!!!! Keep us updated!
  7. awww ok!
  8. I voted!! good luck!
  9. I voted as well. Hope he and his buddy wins!!.
  10. That is awesome! I'd vote for him, but since I'm a Hershey employee, I am not able to vote. Keep us posted on the results and good luck!!!
  11. Aww.. that's so cute, I voted !
  12. That's so cute...I hope he wins!!!!!!!!!!
  13. It was toooo CUTE! Good luck..I voted for him!!!!!
  14. hope he wins!
  15. i voted for him! keep us updated if he wins!