My Ferragamo Satchel NEEDS Cleaning, Maybe Dyeing... Any Suggestions?

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  1. I just bought this gorgeous white Ferragamo Mediterraneo satchel from A Pinch of Rosemary on eBay. I got a fantastic deal - I paid roughly $160, when the list is now $1300! Catch is it's white, and needs a really good clean! I'm also interested in dying it black, but I'm not committed to that if it wouldn't work with the leather.

    Can any of you suggest a place to get it cleaned and/or dyed, particularly in the Los Angeles area (where I live)? I called Ferragamo's Rodeo Dr. boutique; they said it would be 2 weeks and in the neighborhood of $65-$100 to get it cleaned by them. I don't know if that's the best choice, though, so I'm open to any ideas!

    Just to give you an idea of what I'm working with, here's one pic of the purse; PM me if you want to see more. TIA!
  2. Love that bag! I would grab a bottle of leather cleanser/moisturizer, a soft white cloth and get busy OR the Ferragamo price wasn't unreasonable either.
  3. I love Ferragamo and I love your new bag! I don't have any suggestions but I also bought a previously-owned Miu Miu Coffer that has leather like butter, but it's dirty! I'm in NYC and I'm going to try a shoe repair shop that I believe can clean delicate leather.
  4. I know that Barbara of provides a handbag restoration service. She is lovely and called me back personally when I had a question about one of my bags. You can call and ask for an estimate.
  5. My thoughts exactly:tup: I sent a bag there and will be getting it back in a few days, so I am excited. I've heard wonderful things about her and her husband. Seems like they can work miracles.
  6. I would just go to the Ferragamo store, that was it is gaurunteed. I wouldn't risk dying it - it might screw over the leather. However, maybe you wouldn't mind since it had such a low price?
  7. In Beverly Hills, you can take it to Arturos Shoe fix on Santa Monica next to Sprinkles. Most of the high end stores and dept stores send repairs there. He will let you know what your options are.
    You got a great deal on a really nice bag. I hope it all works out!!
  8. Thanks for all your input, tonij2000, girlygirl3, bagatella, JAP4life, vhsethan, and KDB!!!

    Lovin my Bags gave me an estimate of around $225 for a cleaning. I think that's a bit steep... I think I am going to call Arturo's Shoe Fix. KDB, do you deal with anyone in particular there? I saw another thread a while back mentioning that someone there was really good, but I don't remember the name. TIA!
  9. Gorgeous bag and gorgeous deal!

    I have gotten at least one bag from Pinch Rosemary and it/they were a great deal (this is getting bad when I can't remember how many bags I have gotten from one seller--yikes--is this a sign?).

    Please show us your after-pix when the bag is all clean and shiney again.
  10. Good Luck article! It's a gorgeous bag, can't wait to hear what happens!
  11. The LMB quote is steeper than I would have expected, but they're supposedly the best (I've personally never used them) so it might be a worthwhile investment. Looking forward to seeing the bag post-makeover!
  12. I love that bag! Great deal on it. IMO I would take it to the store and have it clean.