My Fendi's

  1. Enjoy....:heart:
  2. yay congrats! :smile: love the spy
  3. I love that first one...what's it called? If it's the bag I think it is, I saw in at the Fendi in Short Hills Mall a few weeks ago...cute.
  4. it's the de jour
  5. Mmm, great bags! Thanks for sharing. :tup:
  6. Nice bags!
  7. Thanks Litigatrix, yes it is the small De Jour. I just got a new camera and still learing how to use it, so sorry for the glare.
  8. Beautiful! Enjoy the spy!
  9. Congrats !
  10. love them!! :biggrin:
  11. Thanks!
  12. very nice :smile: enjoy
  13. loooooooooove those fendis!!