My Fendi Purchases

  1. I got the shoes at Saks and then found the baguette to match. That was followed by the Zucca Spy. Will post some pics of the spy later.
    fendi_shoes.jpg fendi_shoes3.jpg jomashop_silver_baguette.jpg
  2. Those shoes are HOT! And the bag is so purdy! Can't wait to see more pics! :nuts:
  3. Very cute!
  4. Oh nice! Awesome set!!!
  5. Congarts! nice match...:yahoo:
  6. Wow I love them all! Congrats! Remember to take pics of the spy!
  7. I love matching sets! That's almost a prereq for me when I buy bags nowadays.
  8. IHAL -- really cute and feminine bag & shoes...I can almost see you wearing them....modeling pics! :nuts:
  9. Ooooo gorgeous :drool:
  10. Thanks Baglady. here's more pics.
    fendi_shoes1.jpg fendi_shoes2.jpg
  11. Here's the Zucca Spy.
    zucca_spy1.jpg zucca_spy_mod.jpg
  12. love the shoes, congrats.
  13. Wow, love it all!! Enjoy those beauties.
  14. SOOO PRETTY!!!!! Love!!!
  15. Lovely Congratulations.