My FENDI boutique

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  1. I called them today asking about Buggies and Buggy bags, and the SA offered to take pictures and email them to me by the end of the day.... and never did. WTH? Did she think I wasn't serious or something? Should I call again tomorrow and ask about getting those pictures?(It's like 4 hours away so it's not feasible to drive and see the items in person)
  2. maybe she just simply forgot?
    call up again and ask.

  3. I did call again today, lol. She apologized said she had been busy yesterday, which I understand, and that she didn't forget me. She said she would email pictures today and it didn't happen, again! :rolleyes: Maybe I've just spoiled myself too much, but if I'm looking to drop a few thousand dollars on a buggy bag(they said they have a pink one!) and buggy guy, etc. then I guess I expect to be sent some pictures in a timely fashion. Is that unreasonable? I actually don't know how patient I should try and be.
  4. That is not unreasonable! The first day was a mistake, but two days....that does seem excessive.
  5. +1
  6. Well, I finally got the email with the pictures on the afternoon of the third day, after I called and asked again that morning. I don't like feeling like Im hounding people. I called the Houston boutique and the manager answered the phone. Within 10 minutes of getting off the phone with her, she had texted me the pictures I wanted :biggrin:
    At that point, I didn't think the subpar SA from the first store would've deserved the commission anyways. I know I'm not the only customer, etc., but come work at Fendi, not Walmart!
  7. I agree i think u should call another fendi store n please post pics when u get them
  8. yes yes yes!!! Please post pictures when you get them. i want to get one but the only colors on any site i know of are blue or black and the bag i want one for is i kinda wanted a warmer color bug.
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    Well, I called again the 3rd morning, and she FINALLY emailed the pictures to me that afternoon.... but by then, I had already called and ordered from Houston :biggrin: The manager there had answered the phone and sent me pics a few minutes after she got off the phone with me.

    The manager at the first store had answered the phone a couple of times I had called asking about the pictures(she would then have the other woman that was supposed to send them come to the phone).....

    I noticed yesterday in one of the local papers that this Fendi boutique is looking for a new Sales Associate......:amuse: I wonder...

  10. I asked the Houston manager which buggy I should get that would look great with a tan peekaboo of mine, and she definitely recommended the red guy. I think I posted a pic on your other thread but I'll post him again :biggrin: I get a ton of compliments on him, and his fox hair is soooooo soft I'm like always petting him :P My handbag SA at Neiman Marcus kept petting him too, lol.

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  11. He is cute. Is that faux fur?
  12. Good for you! Congrats!! Everyone at the Houston Fendi Store are great Sales Associates.
  13. I just got the same monster bag charm like yours. So can't do justice. My second monster is coming on the way :smile: All my bags look extra awesome with this little guy. Fendi nails it!

  14. Fendi was originally(and still is) a furrier. Fur is like a specialty of theirs, and my buggy is mink and fox.

  15. Thanks! :biggrin: I was really happy I called them, they were very efficient and friendly. It never ceases to amaze me how much better a purchase makes me feel when the customer service matches the excellence of the product :smile: