My Fendi 2008 Spring collection Large Baguette in Gray

  1. Hi ladies! I haven't been on here in a good loooooonnnng time. Hope ya'll's New Year's was fantastic!! Good Luck to all in 2008! :yahoo::wlae:

    I just got the not in stores yet until February 2008 Large Fendi Baguette. I was happy :yahoo: . What do you guys think? :confused1:TIA
    fendi 1 (450 x 600).jpg Fendi 2 (450 x 600).jpg Fendi 4 (600 x 450).jpg Fendi 7 (600 x 450).jpg fensp082.jpg
  2. Sunny -- I'm undecided on this Fendi. I like the distressed leather but not sure about all that stitching. Is it a soft smooshy sort of leather or a rigid one?
  3. Its smooshy soft not hard at all. The interior is all buttery suede which is not really me. I personally like cloth interior.
  4. The leather looks really nice:yes:. what are the dimensions?
  5. It's 17Lx 10w.
  6. SunnySideMia - I do like the gray distressed leather, kind of reminds me of a Balenciaga leather. But, I am on the fence about the whipstitching. If it doesn't work for you, there is no reason to keep it...the year is still new!
  7. LOVE the leather- the texture and color are tdf!
  8. I personally wouldn't purchase anything in this style. I'm boring, I prefer clean stitching etc, but I could see it working well with casual outfits. It's a great cas colour, just like the taupey/gray colour the spy comes in.
  9. I really like the bag.
  10. tPF isn't the place for you to drum up excitement for your eBay sales. Please refrain from doing so here.
  11. I like this bag!
  12. Excuse me....I am on the fence about whether keeping it or not. If I list it or not it's none of your business. This is a forum where everyone gives there opinion. I was looking for help deciding if it was a purchase worth keeping or a trend I should have passed on. Please refrain from making objective comments. This is a forum for all to enjoy. Thank you but no thanks.
  13. I think its beautiful. Dont sell it you will regret it come spring/summer and when the new Sex In the City Film is out. That bag will go with absolutely everything.
  14. Whaaaa!!!!! It's fantastic! :nuts::nuts::nuts: The neutral color balances out the large size very well, IMO.

    Modeling pics, please!
  15. I love it, the leather looks amazing!