My feet are spreading like a wildfire! What to do about my shoe collection.....

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  1. Hello all. I am 5 1/2 months pregnant with my second child and my feet have spread a lot so far. I know some of it is swelling, but none of my shoes fit. Nothing but flip flops! I have spent time and lots of money on my shoe collection! And now fall is here and I cannot go about in flip flops anymore. Has anyone tried a shoe stretcher? I am thinking of getting a pair, with stretching spray, and see if that works. My hubby is concerned that I would overstretch my shoes and then they would be too big after baby is born. But I have a feeling that some of this foot growing is going to be permanent. What do I do?
  2. I think this is pretty common. My mom said she was an 8 prior to getting pregnant and after she had me her feet went up to an 8 1/2.
  3. I'm so terrified that I will wake up one day and none of my shoes fit, I will be very upset :sad:
    If that happens to me, I will try shoe stretcher too, there is no way I will throw all my shoes!
  4. During pregnancy, a hormone called "relaxin" is produced because it loosens the joints in the pelvis, making delivery easier. However, relaxin can also loosen the ligaments in the feet causing the bones in the feet to spread.
    If you're dealing with swelling, that typically subsides within a month after delivery, but any foot spreading caused by looser ligaments, is permanent.
    It is estimated that about 50% of moms wear 1/2 size or larger than before they were pregnant.
    A shoe-stretcher could help, but I wouldn't stretch your whole collection until a month or so after delivery. How about just buying a couple of pairs of comfortable shoes to get you through the rest of your pregnancy?
  5. My feet swelled a lot during pregnancy... I was a whole size bigger. After birth they went down half a size. I'm hoping that once I get back to my pre-pregnancy weight my feet will be back to normal. I wouldn't stretch any shoes just yet...give yourself some time.

    I was pregnant during the winter and just invested in Uggs...they were beyond comfy and don't confine my feet as regular shoes do. I practically lived in mine, then again I was lucky that my job was very understanding and allowed me to wear them around the office. I wore them with leggings and cute tops or dresses so I wasn't completely inappropriate.
  6. This is OT, but CONGRATS Sappho!!! I didn't know you were pregnant! Do you know what you are having!?!

  7. I agree. Don't stretch your shoes until at least 3 months after the birth. I was a size 6 and after each childbirth i went up 1/2 size. I kept the ones that I really love and try to get them stretched, the others were given or donated. I still have a couple of shoes that I refused to give away even though they kill my feet if I wear them longer than 10 min.

    Take this a blessing... I did a lot of shoe shopping while while the babes were young and it really helped with getting rid of the last few pounds.

  8. Thanks for all the tips ladies.....maybe I will wait to try stretching a pair of shoes until after the delivery. Who knows what size foot I will have then! Now I need to look into shoes that will be comfy, anti-clumsy, and, of course, stylish!

    missjenny2679 - I am having another little boy!!
  9. my feet got very swollen while pregnant, and i had to buy wide width shoes, even though i wore narrow width my whole life.

    after pregnancy, i am back to narrow, but it's been 4.5 yrs since last baby, and instead of a perfect size 10, i have to wear a 10.5/11. so i did get stuck with some extra length.

    sucks for me, because while i could grab and wear any size 10 out there, now i have to search for decent size 10.5/11 which is not easy to come by.

    i'm not a shoe lover so it's not so bad, but if i had a shoe collection, i'm sure i would have been heartbroken.
  10. Most jobs/people see a big belly preggers gal and fully expect UGGs. I wore them throughout most of my pregnancy.

    I also wore uggs after some foot surgery with a docs note. With my suits! LoL in 3 months, no one said a word. And that time I wasn't even preggers! I would be comfy, it's only for a few months!
  11. ^yes, lots of people do expect that. Maybe that's why they looked at me funny when I wore heels all throughout my two pregnancies!
  12. I had the opposite problem. My feet went down half a size during pregnancy and back to the norm after...haven't experienced much change with this one yet. I'd say wait to stretch the shoes though until after pregnancy.
  13. Ohhh, and also look into crocs, OP. The website has some regular-ish styles that'll stretch to fit your feet. When I sprained my ankle while preggers the last time, all my feet could handle were some god-ugly no-holes crocs. But it was winter and they were black, so not too bad. This summer I found some cute ballerina slipper crocs on their site, perfect for casual days (and rain and snow and muck).
  14. oh, the feet stretching. i had no idea about this. and boy did my feet stretch. fortunately, the brunt of my first pregnancy was over the summer so i was able to wear flip flops. Enormous flip flops. My feet are now a size larger than before- I gave away my shoes. :sad: However, I wouldn't do anything to your shoes until you are 'back to normal' after delivering your baby. WHo knows what will happen with your feet! Also, a cobbler can stretch your shoes for you, if need be. I'd buy some 'in the meantime' shoes to get you through.

  15. I love seeing stylish preggies!! I wore ballerinas with my pretty, ruffly maternity stuff, but I was ever cold so the UGGs did doubly duty - comfy and warm.

    My craving food was a fried green tomato and moz cheese I could get at an Italian place by my house. I went every week at least for mnths. When the weather got warmer, the gal I always got my takeout from saw me without my winter gear and said omg, you're pregnant! I should have known, you always wear UGGs haha

    Be stylish, but not at the expense of your feet. I would get some less expensive but good quality shoes and definitely wait to see what to do.

    After all, if it comes down to it, you get to buy all new shoes, right?? ;)