My "feel better" present from my mom... (it wasn't a Tattersall wristlet)

  1. Well, Monday I had a really crappy day, so mom went out and bought me a present.

    I assumed it was a wristlet to replace the one lost/stolen, but here is what she sent!


    Here is a pic of the watch with the bracelets she bought me for Christmas. I am normally not a gold person so I had made a comment that all watches had nickle finishes.

  2. thats one heck of a "feel good" gift!! :tup: if you don't own any other coach watches, you'll love this, they're awesome!!
  3. I have like 8 watches, but this is my first gold one. I have one other charm metal watch in nickel, but all the rest of them are leather bands.
  4. wow that is a really gorgeous watch! i love that tattersall bracelet too!
  5. what a nice mom!! Great watch and bracelets!
  6. awww your mom is sweet :love:
  7. what a sweet mom, congrats! :tup:
  8. yes, she is the best!!!

    She just loves to buy jewelry and after buying me tons that I never wear she has finally figured out my taste :smile:
  9. SWEET!!!!!!

  10. Wow that is beautiful! It looks so good on you - what a sweet mom!
  11. How sweet of her! Love the watch and looks good with the bangles too.
  12. I LOVE it!!!! What a great mom!!! :smile:
  13. Beautiful watch! I have a Coach watch and wear it every day. Love it! That was very sweet of your Mom.
  14. I love the legacy bracelet. I just hate gold! I wish they made them with silver.

    What a great gift!
  15. That's a beautiful watch!!! Enjoy!