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Aug 17, 2008
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Hello everyone, finally my turn to share on my facial contouring experience. I will review to the best of my knowledge from my bff and my personal experience. Hereby, I want to thanks makeover, vitalic, mwol, chris alexander for replying to many of my questions. We are very frank, hiding nothing from the public, sharing the good and bad of what we experienced. Most importantly, to share our day-to-day experience in details especially for the start as many will like to know "to return to hospital how many times", "how it feels right after surgery", etc etc.

Yes I did declared bringing more than US$10K but I was not asked to go to any place to declare (BFF did not declared). I follow the crowd line and hand in the declaration form to the 2 guards standing and collecting all passengers declaration form. Nothing wrong.

PS: Please also do visit our bag thread links as it is very 'cold' there. Haha…

My rule of thumb for questions here is to ask valid question in order for me to reply. It is very easy to catch the novice asking many questions which has been answered many times before. Also, for those who will like to PM me, do not ask insensitive questions. I will only reply to people who has contributions to TPF before (300post & above). Some exceptions will be made for people like shiny glittery etc (e.g.: as her 1 post can match others countless posts).

Note: Do not ask me about price for YKPS as I do not work for them. I will not know what prices for which surgery.
From my research by TPFer kimjoo: "YK Plastic Surgery ( - My uncle found out that ID was not good so he asked his friend (who is a filler/botox distributer) if he knew anyone good at two-jaw surgery. We went to this clinic, but I felt a little nervous by the way Dr. Kim made two-jaw surgery sound so easy. Other than that, the consultation went great. He was very straight-forward with his diagnosis. He said braces are not required unless I really want them... Price: two-jaw surgery + v-line + sliding genio = 14 mil won. I was torn between atbeauty and YK."

Things to prepare for Facial Contour surgery:
- Lots of instant foods (we brought many instant porridge, instant noodles, instant soup)
- Syringe - please bring to the hospital, help a tons
- Teaspoon - please bring to the hospital
- Nasal Inhaler - bring along (need it as Day 3 & 4, have difficulties sleeping at night, constant dry coughing as the inner-chest feel itchy, the nasal inhaler helps to certain extent)
- Nasal spray - bring along (didn't caught a flu hence did not use it)
- Baby toothbrush
- Arnica Montana (eat it few days before surgery helps with swollen/bruise)
- Medicine (Cough, Flu, Diarrhoea, Sore Throat, Lozenges, Muscle relaxant)
- Turkey Baster (we have not used it at all, to any who needs it, please PM me).

I had reveal my diamonds and many bags here before (Hermes, Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Proenza Schouler, Longchamp, Loewe, MCM, Jerome Dreyfuss, Coach, Rouge & Lounge), thus will be revealing another expensive purchase here. My reviews are from my genuine experience and will not earn anything by writing about the hospital at all.

Nearing my trip to Korea, I selectively choose posters in the main PS Thread for meet up etc as their dates hit my date. Most of them are really nice. One girl who I PMed will be in Korea like a few days after me (I shared with her my accommodation, things I am doing and then also told her I paid deposit for the clinic already. I also told her that I am not going to share the clinic until after surgery then I will review everything.)

Her reply was "Could you tell me which hospital you going? I know you bargain hard for the price so you don't need to tell me the price. It would be great if you can just tell me the name of clinic and the surgeon. Mind to tell me how much did you pay for the deposit?"

This to me is rude. Especially when she brush me across saying that since I am flying soon, we won't be the same timing which is completely BS. She will be here for 3 weeks in her public post, I will be here for 3 weeks, she arrived only 6 days later than me, so how can it be "not matching timing"? As I was here typing this post still leisurely in Korea, I saw her post replying and asking people for meetup blah blah blah. The one and only person I shared where I am visiting before my surgery is only mwol because there is an exchange of information throughout our communication. Not plain asking, taking and receiving. Mwol shared with me her hospital with very good opening price before even any negotiation. I won't be mentioning here as it is under her discretion to speak if any.

Okay anyway, BFF got this lovely Loewe Flamingo 22 bag from SIN airport before we fly (almost miss the plane):

Here is my story

I did Invisalign braces (no extraction involved) with Orchard Scotts Dental, Dr Jerry Lim and have completed treatment before my surgery.
I have perfect straight teeth before my surgery. However, I am still very unsatisfied with how my sideview look and decided to do ALL once and for all.

I have protruded mouth and receded chin (worst combi ever). Initially I only know about the 2-jaw surgery and everyone is raving on 2-jaw. But there is no need to go for such an invasive surgery if you have a normal face like your lower jaw is not protruded out, your face is not crooked. There is a smaller surgery called ASO Mouth Protrusion for us! I know there is not much information on google but actually many have done it before when I look it up in Chinese instead. How I found my hospital YKPS in the end? Thanks to these ASO post (there are many more ASO reviews done by fellow Chinese females but are mostly done by ATbeauty which I find it really expensive, price quoted was like 25-30Mil for just facial contouring, but got to say that their reply are not bad in the sense that it is quite informative), below are from YKPS:

For more pictures of ASO, simply google 突嘴手术 and hit on the google image tab.

Ways to nego for a discount: Tell them that you will be reviewing them after your surgery in a popular international forum. If they really don't buy it and that you don't mind to expose your face to public and also the clinic has needs, then suggest to be their model or allow them to use your B&A photos for a cheaper price. For the latter, please be smart as you are signing away your face patent rights in Korea, so it will not work if you wanna do eyes in Clinic A, FC in clinic B, Nose in Clinic C. You can only choose one (best if the clinic can do all that you want) and be their model or allow them to use your B&A photos.

Problems vs Remedy:
Protruded Mouth vs ASO Mouth Protrusion Surgery
Short receded chin vs Genioplasty/T-Osteotomy
Slight wide and slight high Cheekbone vs Cheekbone/Zygoma/Malar Reduction
Want a sharper V-look vs Square Jaw/Angle Reduction (below ear shave all the way to chin)
Sunken Undereye vs Undereye Fat Repositioning

In Korea, Vline stands for Genio (chin)+Square Jaw/Angle reduction (shaving from below ear all the way to chin)

kkim120 taught us that:

"성형외과 means plastic surgery clinic--the surgeons who work here actually got a medical degree as a ps specialist.
성형의원 means plastic surgery clinic as well, but the surgeons who work here did NOT get a medical degree as a ps specialist. They got a medical degree in anything but ps. But learned how to do ps through training (IDK what kind). You want to go to the first kind of ps clinic.
Korean law says you can't misrepresent your surgeon's background by calling using the words "성형외과" when in fact the surgeons aren't ps specialists."

Clinics Blacklisted: BK, ID, VIP, Grand, WJ
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Aug 17, 2008
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Clinics considered initially EverM for facial contour and White for eyes:
• EverM: Gahee has been very nice to me and we have been liaising a long long time already (like a year since 2013). The price she gave me is better than any posted in this forum before (yes by million/s). Do not PM me on the price she gave as she made me promise that it will be a secret.

EverM price guideline search in TPF (estimate):
Genio+V-line+Cheekbone = 10Mil
2-Jaw+V-line+Cheekbone = 18Mil

I was very sure with EverM up till the 2 months before my surgery, where I found YKPS (who can do almost everything we both need plus more - eyes, fat graft, FC, ASO, 2-jaw, nose, BA, botox, fillers). Note: There are many FC plastic surgery clinics who do not do ASO or 2-jaw as these 2 are more major surgery as compared to V-line, Angle Reduction, Cheekbone Reduction and Genioplasty. And these clinics will always tell me "Two jaw surgery must be done only in case of having malocclusion. According to your photos, your occlusion is normal. So I think you don’t have to have a Two jaw surgery. But your chin is severely retruded. So your lip looks so protruded. If your retruded chin is corrected, ASO also don’t have to be done." - exact quote from a Dr.

After countless research, I agreed with what he said on 2-jaw (like I have a normal occlusion and a normal face not crooked, lower jaw is not protruded out) hence 2-jaw is not required. But I do not agreed with just Genioplasty to correct my receded chin is enough to solve my overall appearance. It is easy for us to check if Genioplasty alone can solve your problem (if you have protruded mouth or receded chin), sit in front of a mirror, relax your mouth, pinch your chin forward and see if the overall appearance thereafter is to your liking (I tried that, yes it does solve my appearance somehow but still my upper lip is protruded, and it does not give me the effect I want)?

• White Clinic: considered it because it can give us model pricing (40%) for our eyes as EverM do not do eyes. Undereye Fats Repositioning 1.5Mil, Epi 900000won
Prices are after discount, the Epi is not an appealing model price but Undereye Fats Repositioning is.
Their facial contouring price are crazy, 26Mil for 2-jaw, Genio, Vline, Cheekbone and claim to be non-negotiable.

Below are some very bad experiences with these stupid clinics when I contacted them, all pricing quoted are before negotiation (what is bad for me might be not be bad for you, please take my words with a pinch of salt. Also, please excuse my use of stupid or idiots because they literally behave like that to me):

• DAPRS: There was a period that this was really popular in the forum due to the famous View Dr Lee Sang Woo open his own clinic. Unfortunately, very bad service with us. Katalk we tried using English and Chinese. Both of which they have people liaising with. The Chinese translator/consultant literally made it clear that "because you are foreigner so we charge you higher". What a stupid and idiotic comment. And she went MIA after promising to callback us the next day after Dr check our photos. Thereafter I tried contacting the English one or Chinese one, none of them reply at all. BAD BAD BAD in my opinion. Another TPFer (one of whom I thanks above) was so up about them until our recent conversation, we both acknowledged that they have become like a factory and she warned me against DAPRS claiming she take back her words that they are good. I completely agreed with her too.

• TLPS: This was the 1st hospital I contacted thanks to their well-informed English website. Initially like a year ago mid of 2013, Melissa was very nice and super prompt in her reply. However when we are finally going to Korea and get back in touch with her in August 2014, her reply was super slow and ends up straightaway don't reply, another MIA idiot. Prices quoted are sky high, ASO was quoted 18million a year ago, can't be bothered.

• Gyalumhan: Popular in the Chinese forum. Price is crazily expensive. Keep asking us to visit before negotiating. I don't have time for that. Undereye fat repositioning quote 3Mil, Epi 1Mil (okay this is reasonable), ASO 20Mil, can't be bothered to waste my time here.

• View: Consultant not consistent in replying. Ends up MIA also (cannot blame her as English was not very good which she has acknowledged earlier). Price quoted: 2-jaw 16Mil, Genioplasty 6Mil, Zygoma 6Mil, Angle (V-shape) 6Mil

• GirinLife: you need a translator to go with you which also means you need to pay for the middleman fee definitely. Price quoted: ASO 12Mil, V-line 6Mil, Cheekbone 4Mil, Undereye Fats repositioning 4Mil, Ptosis correction 2Mil (this do not belong to the 'stupid clinic' listed, I actually like GirinLife if not for the lack of communication profile.)

Note: from my experience dealing with so many clinics, I realise prices are flying everywhere, they literally pluck digits from the sky. Please research with care and have a base amount on how much to pay.

• Finally the main topic YKPS. I am happy to find out that this clinic is under the 1st type of clinic 성형외과 means plastic surgery clinic - the surgeons who work here actually got a medical degree as a ps specialist.

I know about YKPS through the chinese ASO links above. They have their website done in English, Chinese, Japanse and Korean. Their location is just located outside Apgujeong station Exit 5.

There are little reviews here in TPF but if you really search, you will find YKPS, their FC are not bad within locals themselves. This is also how I met TPFer Christopher who did ASO from YKPS and got in touch with her. Really grateful whenever I have some issues before or after surgery, I will seek her advice (through Katalk) from her experience.

Throughout my many times visiting YKPS, I only met 2 ladies from Beijing (they knew about YKPS through their friend) and the 2 China girls I brought them to YKPS, the rest of the time, it is all Koreans. Even during our surgery night stay in the hospital, except us, the other patients are all local. This is a good thing because good clinics are those that do many locals instead of foreigners.

YKPS belong to a middle size hospital with a pretty small floor size toppled up in a 5-storey building.
B1 - VIP Room
1 - Entrance to take the lift
2 - Aesthetic clinic for laser, infra-red etc
3 - Operating theatre and hospital rooms
4 - Dr Kim office for consultation
5 - Reception

I found Megan's Wechat: Megan0827 and started contacting her asking various question (in Chinese). She is really nice and perhaps the one and only person who reply during weekends (after liaising with so many different clinics, most at 5pm will tell you "i am ending work, continue tomorrow/next Monday".). But Megan replied even on Sunday, but of course because she do not have the information on hand, she will let you know "let me check when I return to office tomorrow" and she really get back to you. See, this is the trustworthiness which I really need, or call it being professional. Like this is their job, they said they get back to us, they should get back to us. If through basic message, someone already can't be bothered to response, then how can you trust your life with them by doing such major surgery?

Megan has been a great help in the liaising part. I can assured you I have speak to so many translators/consultant working in different clinics and none of which are as genuine as Megan. I really meant NONE. When I ask her to ask Dr Kim something, she really come back with a satisfying answer. Many of the others whom I liaise with probably come back with "wait till you come then see what Dr said" or reply almost instantaneously that you wonder the Dr is just beside the translators. Ends up after my countless experiences, I realise they all have a head consultant or manager whom they report to and they return with the manager's answer instead of the Director Doctor.

The Head Director doctor is Dr Kim Yong Kyu. He will be the one operating on our facial contouring & eyes. Dr Kim can speak a little English during our consultation. He is really professional, he can see what is wrong with our face right from the start. He will also listen to what you want, agree if he thinks what you want is correct and disagree if what he thinks is wrong.

Consultation on Friday 26th
supposed to do the scan & test etc as well but our flight delayed, traffic jam and we reach YK only at 6pm. Only enough time for Consultation.
Kim from Emphphatha Residence got us an airport transfer cab at W85000 meet&greet from Incheon Intl Airport to Emphphatha Residence (just to throw our baggage at counter) to YKPS in Apgujeong.
Spent time looking for YKPS in cab but actually public transport is much easier since YKPS is just by the exit 5 of Apgujeong Station.

Email Kim/Bock Soon for discount if you are staying for long period, it is cheaper than booking from other booking website. Kim charges W69000/night for Superior Double Room.
The double bed is really small, we are 2 very slim girls and we have trouble sleeping on it as we can't turn, shift or move. We saw the largest room Deluxe Double W75000/night and decided to upgrade for our final week.
The worst is over during our Day 3 - 4 (constant coughing at night, we are breathing deeply thus some snoring here and there)
Kim was really nice, she gave us 1.5days discount as we are staying for 3 weeks.

We discuss plastic surgery together and she mentioned that she experienced guests who experienced really bad surgery in BK, ID has very bad reputation in TPF but Kim said she did not experience any bad reviews on ID with her guests yet. Just sharing what she shared with us, but for me, I feel it is better to be safe than sorry. :P
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Aug 17, 2008
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Kim and Lee are really nice and friendly throughout our stay. Their location is not bad too. Lex Hotel is just round the corner, we stayed there for some nights, not a good place for long stay as they do not have the things Emphphatha Residence provide such as washing machine, microwave, shared kitchen. There is a Club named Arena below Lex Hotel (throughout the night was so noisy with the club noise and main road traffic noise). Club Arena is cater more for after-party as they opened from 12-9am. But many times when we walk to the Sinsa Station Exit 3 from Emphphatha Residences at 10+, 11am, we still see groups of guys smoking outside Arena.

All along I know what I want to do as mentioned above (initially via pictures, Dr Kim only sees that I need ASO - he won't want you to do too much if you can don't do, won't be selling you more procedures). But when we finally met, Dr Kim pointed out I have short chin and he suggest to me that on top of moving out my chin, he will lengthen it too. "Something similar with the T-osteotomy technique but a little bit different", he said.
He touches my chin and draw out my chin \_/ on the consultation paper and asked me "do you like it", I told him "NO, I like a V-shape" then took out pictures of the celebrity I prepared beforehand. Initially he did not want to shave my angle off but I told him I dislike it, he respect that and tell me he will shave a little bit off then.

BFF is actually very pretty, has a sharp pointed V chin and everything almost perfect in her natural look already. But she wanted perfect as she finds that her cheekbones are quite high (I agreed). I told her, her V-shaped face look slightly different and I don't know where is the area that I feel is imperfect. Until months and months of researching, I finally realise her difference is her line come down rounded before turning to V at the end. BUT Dr Kim realise it immediately!! Salute him! BFF also do not want the angle part then Dr Kim was like "I tell you girls, all the animals in the world do not have the curve angle humans have, so we cannot do it completely straight, if is completely straight, we called it the dog jaw". We respect that and he will shave off a little bit for her as well. Dr Kim also mentioned that she has long face, so suggested to do full face fat graft for her. On top of that, he realise she has sunken eyelids, hence will do something there for her too.
- Epi
- Cheekbone reduction
- Angle reduction
- Undereye Fats repositioning
- Full face fat graft
- Paranasal bone graft

Our consultations are together and takes approximately 30min, I never believe in too much time spent on consultations, research have to be made way in advance (YK website have videos on all the facial contour, hence I already have a good understanding before I enter the room), and not ask the doc last min. Consultations should work the same like meetings where it is short, constructive, intense and valid. We asked valid questions like:
"what things will you used to secure the bones", he said 'medical plate and screws'.
"what materials will you used", he said 'titanium'
"are we able to remove these materials in future", he said "at least 1 year later"
"how many plates and screws for us", he reply "you x digit, you y digit". I can't remember. LOL. But 1 medical plate need 4 screws.

My 'Before' taken in YKPS Level 5 reception.

CT Scan, Tests etc on Saturday 27th
Everyone have to pay additional W40000 for the test (is same even in EverM as you need to walk to another clinic for ECG (electrocardiogram and breast radiography), then we went shopping in Ewha. (Do not purchase cosmetics here, regretted I purchase my cosmetics here, the bargains in Myeongdong are much better. Yes, same brand, different shop = different promotion = different discount = weird I know).
Sunday 28th, shopping in MyeongDong (got a MCM bag here:

After surgery recovery photos: DAY 1 - 17

Monday 29th - My Surgery (5hours), Day 0 (bottom lips swollen, mouth cannot be close)
Took before pictures. Changed into surgical robe. Meet Dr Kim again with the CT Scan etc etc where I read some other reviews on other hospital/s the patient have to keep asking the nurse/translator/consultant on the day of surgery that they want to speak to their surgeon final time again before their surgery BUT in YK - it seems to be the norm which I feel is better as you can recap what you want to do again with more proper instruments, (realise my right cheekbone has some issues as it look different from my left cheekbone). Enter surgical room. Surgery took about 5 hours. Megan went into the surgery room with me. So glad that she is there as she helps to ease my feeling and communicate with the nurses etc.

Also, please learn some Korean words as other than the Megan, none of them know Chinese/English at all. My Korean is quite alright (watching tons of kdramas does pays off).

After the surgery was the worst thing ever, I had a high tolerance of pain. There is really not so much of pain at all but really uncomfy. Glad that I did not choose 2-jaw in the end.
The real challenge was really the uncomfy factor where you are really weak, low in energy, your hand is injected with the IV drip (which makes you even more inconvenient at your weakest self), your head is bloated, swollen and bandage with ice pack which makes your head so heavy with a weak body and you really wanna sleep so badly with the GA still inside the body.
The worst part: After surgery 5 hours cannot sleep (5-10PM), have to stay awake and cannot drink water. My throat is so freaking dry. Keep coughing blood phlegm out.
Rule: Blood to drink, Phlegm to spit.

My bottom lips are swollen and mouth cannot be closed, hence blood keep dripping down. I was really glad BFF was there to take care of me. There is a bell for nurse call but they will usually help the normal things like changing your IV drip, changing your ice pack, bringing you water, On/Off aircon, they are not really your caretaker. So I really advice you to bring someone who can take care of you and can really sacrifice for you (really get down dirty for you, their hands with tissue in front of your mouth and you cough out the blood phlegm onto their hands).

Also BFF constantly use a tissue dip with some water and tap my lips to prevent it from drying. Dr Kim came to visit me and said that everything went well etc.

The first 5 hours was the worst. After that, I ask Megan and BFF out of the room so that I can rest (not a good sleep, but definitely the worst are over). I am also very grateful that BFF has already prepare my syringe, a cup of water, a box of tissue paper on the table and a dustbin at the side of the bed. (Straws are completely useless here as I cannot suck at all with an open mouth).

Rule: Sleep up reclined and not lie flat down as it helps to deswell and most important you will be very uncomfortable lying down flat, waking up for water etc thus I laid down 45degree tilted

Tuesday 30th - BFF Surgery, Day 0 (me: Day 1)
Took before pictures. Changed into surgical robe. Final Consultation with Dr Kim with the CT Scan. Enter surgical room. Surgery took about 4 hours.
She was better than me as ASO is a much bigger surgery as compared to other FC surgeries (2-jaw being the most major). I did went in her room to see her a couple of times, tap her lips with some wet tissue. Wake her up to gargle.
It was my Day 1, I am still coughing blood phlegm and the moment i tilt my head, my muscus drip out. I am in not much better position to help her but I tried my best to do whatever I can for her.
The thick bandage on my head was remove and changed into some sticker bandage + a thin head bandage which was very tight.

Note: For both of us, we do not have the 2 tubes to stuck the blood out from our throat right after surgery. I am not sure why and also not sure whether is it good or not. But definitely we recover quite quickly in the sense that the moment we can drink water after the 5th hour, we feel much better.
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Aug 17, 2008
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Wednesday 1st - Leave YK (mouth can close), Day 2, Day 1

Finally Megan bought beef soup for us (a clear white base soup with nothing in it except liquid). My 1st meal since started to fast for the surgery from Sunday night (60hours). You won't feel hungry as you are on the IV drip, but the moment they remove it, I felt hungry quite quickly thereafter. LOL.
Dr Kim came and remove my thin head bandage saying I don't need it anymore. Everyone inc Dr Kim, Megan, nurses was shocked why I wasn't that swollen. I think it is the combination of good timing as I ended my mens 1 week before the surgery, and ate Anica Montana 8 days before surgery 3 times a day (proper instruction was actually 4-6 times a day, 5days before surgery).

Dr Kim also warn against milk, yoghurt like drinks as they are sticky and it is bad for the open gums for the first 2 days, meaning Day 0, 1, 2, Day 3 allowed but I only started drinking in Day 4/5 jic. But he told us to drink Sprite instead as the ingredient inside are same like the content inside the IV Drip. Nurse helped to sterilise and remove all my sticker bandages.

Finally my bottom lips are not swollen anymore and can close. So much more convenient to gargle and no longer need to drink from syringe. Before that was so difficult to gargle.

Took cab to Emphphatha Residence, but I strongly advice people not to bring too heavy and take public transport instead. We carried way too many stuffs (over-prepared with laptops, food etc etc) and we have no choice but to cab.
BFF was quite weak today especially due to her eye Epi surgery, she cannot see well. Thus I carried most of the heavy stuffs.

Thursday 2nd - Return to YK for cleansing and deswelling, Day 3, Day 2
Cleansing normal stuffs like what we did the day before we leave YK. Deswelling is using a type of red/orange light to shine on our face for approximately 20mins.
BFF was given the thin head bandage to wear it.

BFF caught a flu, gave her flu medicine.

Friday 3rd - Started semi solid food, Day 4, Day 3
Stomach was grinding really badly, cooked Instant Kway Chup for breakfast.

One of the metal wire shifted thus I return to YK to adjust it. On the way, they help to cleanse and deswell again.
BFF was told no need to wear the thin head bandage anymore.

BFF was coughing so badly in the night, that I gave her the cough medicine (dry cough).
She complained about backache, gave her the muscle relaxant medicine.

Swelling was peak for me at Day 4 & 5.
Starting bathing + hair wash today.

Saturday 4th - Leisure Day at home, Day 5, Day 4
Went for a walk nearby Emphphatha Residence, saw Waffle Bant (waffle with ice cream), we ate it.
Swelling was peak for me at Day 4 & 5.

Note: Day 2-5, my mouth can open about 1.5finger wide.

Sunday 5th - Myeongdong shopping, Day 6, Day 5
Lost my MCM purchase receipt for tax refund, hence return to get it, also shopped around for make ups that we did not purchase in our 1st two days. Love Banila Co the most.
They have the most things that suits us. Purchase a lot from this brand.

During the night, when we are cooking, 2 China girls approached BFF and asked where she did her surgery. We became so close, and they are just staying opposite our rooms. We went to their rooms (which was much bigger) to chat for a long long time. Strongly advice people to get the largest room, they have proper queen size bed, we are staying in the Superior Double room, and the bed is sooooo tiny! No joke, we are 2 very slim lady and we have difficulties sleeping on the bed, we can't move at all.

Swelling subside as we walk a lot. We bought hotdog and egg from nearby supermart and cook together with our instant food.

Note: Day 6 start, my mouth can open about 2 finger wide.
Starting brushing with baby tooth brush, Rule: brush the teeth, do not brush the gum.

Monday 6th - Remove stitches for Epi, Day 7, Day 6

Brought the 2 girls to YKPS, helped them extended their stay in Emphphatha Residence, helped them get a little bit of discount for their stay.
One of them decided to do fat graft after seeing that BFF one was really well done.
While waiting, there are 2 Korean ladies (47yo) asking BFF what she did (with Megan around, my slight basic Korean and hand gestures, we manage to communicate).
They were initially looking at BFF and complimenting that she is very pretty etc etc (as is obvious BFF did surgery as she still look swollen), I feel demoralised like did I have a failure or what because nobody praise/ask me.

It was until one of them mentioned she is going to do ASO 2 days later, then Megan pointed out that I did ASO. The 2 ladies look shocked like "did you even do anything?" because they think I look very natural. Then I show them my before photos, they keep "ah, ah, ah" very impressed of my result as I look like a complete different person but in a very natural subtle way. No one will knows I did surgery unless I show them my before photos. They then said "yours is a complete success". I thanks them and the person who is doing ASO is grateful that she saw me as she feel more at ease thereafter.

BFF has no choice because even in her natural look, she already look like she is someone who has done PS but I am very sure she did not.

Then we saw Kim (owner of Emphphatha Residence), we were talking to her in the morning, but she looks like she don't understand what we are talking. So when we return, we saw her again and I asked her "I looked very different right?".
She said "no, you not much difference, BFF has big difference and I like her better this way, before that her face is a little too long." I am sure Kim can't remember how I look before as I certainly look very different every time I looked into the mirror. I show her my before photos, then again she 'ah, i remember now, you look completely different, very good and natural. I could not recognise you in the morning hence didn't know what are you talking. Haha'.

Shopping in Gangnam Station underground shopping

Tuesday 7th - Dongdaemun late night shopping, Day 8, Day 7

Finally!! Rice with steam egg… especially when we are so sick of instant food already.

Wednesday 8th - Leisure Day at home, Day 9, Day 8

Rice with Spicy Beef Soup for dinner then Tom N Toms tortilla for supper.
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Aug 17, 2008
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Thursday 9th - Cheekbone stitches removal, Return to YK for cleansing and deswelling, Day 10, Day 9

It was my Day 10, hence ready for cheekbone stitches removal.
Met the two 47yo Korean ladies, one is taking care of the other one who did ASO. We were talking about coughing out blood phlegm, I told the friend not to worry as I experienced the same.

After YK, we went opposite to Exit 6 Hyundai Departmental store and saw the bag brand Rouge & Lounge endorsed by famous Jun Ji-Hyun (My love from another star - Cheon Song-yi).
BFF like a bag named Bene. The bags are not very expensive here. To those interested can give it a look.

I like a bag named Bobi by Jerome Dreyfuss (the brand is not available in Singapore). We decided to get these bags nearing the end of our trip.

Friday 10th - Hongdae Shopping, Day 11, Day 10

YK closed for consolidated PHs thus will only reopen on Monday when BFF is due for her cheekbone stitches removal.

Saturday 11th - Clubbing with full face makeup, Day 12, Day 11

Went to Club The A at 4am and they closed at 7am.

Sunday 12th - Leisure day at home, Day 13, Day 12

Shifted to the larger Deluxe Double Room. Luxury! Finally a proper bed to sleep on.

Monday 13th - BFF Cheekbone stitches removal, Return to YK, Day 14, Day 13

Megan was so thoughtful, she got a cake for BFF as it is her birthday!
Remind Megan to do us the Certificate of Plastic Surgery just in case anything wrong with customs when we return. Gave her our full name, passport number and DOB.
Took after photos.

Update: Nothing wrong with Korea custom at all. The custom officer didn't even look at my passport photo, he just scan, stamp and return the passport back to me.

Tuesday 14th - Historical Site Visit, Day 15, Day 14

Wednesday 15th - Intra-oral stitches removal, Return to YK, Final review, Day 16, Day 15

The stitches removal was really not pleasant. I think out of the entire episode, I hate the Day 0 night of surgery especially the 5 hours of disallowed sleep & water, the next hate list is definitely the stitches removal.
Took the after CT Scan and have a final review with Dr Kim. He shows us what he has removed, changed, the plates, the screws etc etc.

Overall, I feel the entire episode with Dr Kim was really pleasant as it was very assuring and reassuring as I met the Dr for a clear-cut consultation, then before surgery you had another more thorough review with Dr again with the CT scan etc, then finally you met Dr again for a final review. I really didn't expect to be able to meet the Dr so many times as all the other stories in big hospital are like so scary, unsure whether is it the same Dr operating you, no chance to meet Dr before the surgery, didn't see the Dr ever after the surgery etc etc. Hence I manage my expectations and was happy to receive such bonus then. :smile:

Thursday 16th - Studio shoot Return to YK, Day 17, Day 16

Initially, we did not know we have to do studio shoot. We just agreed to being YK model for a discount and also allow them to use our photos as B&A.
It was until Dr Kim who monitored our recovery and confirm that we are really doing well and swelling wasn't much hence he decided to want us to do the studio shoot.

Clubbing at Club Syndrome. Great fun. Dancing helps blood circulation I think as our swelling does subside a lot. However, because we have friends there hence we did not dance in the crowded dance floor on both the clubs we went. We dance near our tables instead.

Friday 17th - Hyundai Apgujeong Department store, Lotte World, Namsan Tower, HOF, Day 18, Day 17

Finally decided to dress up and go get our bags.

BFF: Rouge & Lounge Bene

Me: Jerome Dreyfuss Bobi

Saturday - Fly off, Day 19, Day 18

Anyone who is still staying at Emphphatha Residences, feel free to go to 3F and get the food to eat. We over-prepared and left a lot of instant food. Not technically that we over prepared but because most of the time we shared a packet of instant porridge or instant noodles as we are frustrated having the whole pack instead. 1st: it was too much, 2nd: frustrated to eat, 3rd: don't feel like eating.
Lee (assumed to be Kim's son) got us a cab at W75000 to send us to airport. He very nicely allow us for later check-out at 1+pm.

Got a MCM wallet for DH at Incheon Airport: Post #9,

Somewhere somehow I got a Hermes Doremi 25 and I could not remember which day it was.

Alright, to anyone who decided to do your surgery in YK or anyplace, please maintain a positive and bubbly image. I am usually the more serious, cold type of person while BFF is the more crazy, bubbly fun type of person.
Her type is the right kind of attitude as I learnt from her, be nice, say hi to everyone, say bye to everyone, say thank you even when the stitches removal hurts badly. Megan told us privately when we are in the studio: "everyone likes you 2, they will be very excited when you girls come and they will call me saying the 2 singaporean girls are here etc etc, they and Dr Kim like your kind of attitude". Everyone are shocked that we can speak 2 languages and Megan has to keep explaining to everyone who asked her that Singaporeans are bilingual. The receptionist/coordinators are so cute and pretty. I really like Hela's look.

If you guys are really good in EQ, and got close to Megan, you will find out that she is really real. A very fun and cute lady. She did share a lot of 'informative' things with us. The goods, the bads, the things she like, she dislike, the people she like/dislike.

So to other Singaporeans, please do not spoil the image we set up there. I think it is more likeable to behave like this and be loved by everyone. Just a tip to all, hoping you babes receive the same kind of love we received.
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Aug 17, 2008
Comfort Zone
Please do whatever major surgery in nice weather such as Spring/Autumn. I think the weather for us this time was really great. It was not very cold, neither was it hot. It spans average 16degree celsius in the day and around 8degree celsius in the night. Now I am back in the humid hot Singapore and the swelling return. Goodness. Please stay in the cold country as long as you can, really miss the natural cool weather now.

Korean cosmetics tip:

The above are the must-buy I feel. I was really sad when Fancl remove its retail store from Singapore market as I like their makeup remover the most where 1 product cleans ALL. I stocked up like 5 bottles of their makeup remover.
Now after I found the Banila Co make up remover which is also 1 product cleanses ALL, I wanna kill myself for stocking up so much Fancl makeup remover. Banila Co makeup remover was better as compared to Fancl. Banila Co have different version for different skins such as oily, dry, etc. For Oily skin, BFF get the green colour version. I get the Grey colour version which is to add Aqua (water) while cleansing. And the pink version is for normal or T-zone oily skin.

The yellow bee wax skin was so good. So smooth. Can act as a base before make up too.

Natural Republic Bee Venom Spot roll on is really good for pimples or spots etc. I have used it. It helps to speed up recovery, like a pimple is popping out, it enhance it to faster pop out and solve it.

Banila Co is priced higher than most other Korean brands as their products I feel are really good. To all others especially Singaporean, please visit Plaza Singapura (as they have most of the Korean brands there) to try out their makeups so that in Korea, you can aim and purchase and not waste time. I saw VDL in Bugis Junction (not sure if there is a store in PS).

Banila Co Primer classic is their best star product as it really smoothen your complexion with a velvety soft feeling. For those with bigger pores can use their primer in the silver can tin.
Banila Co CC Cream is Korea best CC cream. CC cream has less coverage than BB cream. CC cream brightens your face. (by Girls Generation/SNSD Jessica teaching usage of Banila Co products) (test between BB vs CC cream, the CC cream is from Banila Co).

For cushion, everyone has different face complexion etc. Read the reviews, try them first before purchase. I tried all of the cushions from Faceshop, Etude House, Missha, Innisfree, Natural Republic, Laneige, IOPE.
I was previously using Laneige 13 and the price in Korea was more expensive than online purchase, hence I looked for something else. Most of the Korean brands cushion tone and colour are too dark for me as I am quite fair, hence most with just 21 & 23 do not suit me at all. Banila Co has 10 and it produces a natural skin tone as though I was a natural perfect healthy skin without make up, as you can visit my photo in Day 11, yes that is with just Banila Co Cushion 10. Hence I got it.

Day 12 bottom right makeup, I follow the video tutorial by Jessica and use the Banila Co radiance cream, then the CC cream then my Laneige Cushion 13.
Laneige Cushion has a more dewy effect which may not be suitable for oily skin especially in humid hot weather Singapore.

BFF tried all the cushion products in Singapore and was sure what she wants to purchase in Korea, her face is oily hence Innisfree cushion suit her better. She has larger pores, hence she get the Banila Co primer in silver can tin version.

Beauty comes in a package, your hairstyles, make-up, smile etc has to be good too.

I did 3D eyebrow embroidery before I fly to Korea. Did it with Kelly at Perfect Brow House in City Plaza. Has been visiting her for years.

After Korea, now I need to settle my hair with my usual hairstylist.
And my smile with Dr Jerry Lim. Have consulted him before I fly, met him once when I returned.
We are discussing what should we do now. Dr Jerry Lim has been very supportive throughout my surgery and he is trying his best to help me as much as possible.

When I consulted with many different Korean clinics, most stated that you can started braces treatment 3-4weeks after ASO surgery. But Dr Kim told me 2months later. So I guess I have no choice but to listen.

I will continue to update this thread. Stay tune. BFF will be updating hers in chinese forum SoYoung/新气, to those who can read Chinese, feel free to visit her experience.
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Aug 27, 2014
United States
I'm not gonna lie, I had a hard time following the first few paragraphs lol. I need to get some sleep or something @__@

I'm not interested in getting the surgeries you did, but thank you so much for taking the time to post a review and uhhh pictures of your friends new bag haha. But seriously, thanks a bunch!

Edit: Whoa, when I was typing this out, I only saw you had one post. Now there's like 5+ more posts above haha. I look forward to reading your journey, thanks again!
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Aug 17, 2008
Comfort Zone
I'm not gonna lie, I had a hard time following the first few paragraphs lol. I need to get some sleep or something @__@

I'm not interested in getting the surgeries you did, but thank you so much for taking the time to post a review and uhhh pictures of your friends new bag haha. But seriously, thanks a bunch!

Edit: Whoa, when I was typing this out, I only saw you had one post. Now there's like 5+ more posts above haha. I look forward to reading your journey, thanks again!
haha babe, thanks for stopping by. Yes go catch some sleep. :smile:
I know I wrote a really really long story. :roflmfao:


Jul 1, 2014
Thank you very much for the Review, Dinitegrity, though I find it a little difficult to get what u mean in a few paragraphs. :smile:) .. you seem to love partying pretty much , haha .. if i were you, i would not be that daring after the surgery!


Aug 17, 2008
Comfort Zone
Thank you very much for the Review, Dinitegrity, though I find it a little difficult to get what u mean in a few paragraphs. :smile:) .. you seem to love partying pretty much , haha .. if i were you, i would not be that daring after the surgery!
Hi Robinrenren, thanks for dropping by. Yes I thought to give some detail input to others considering FC surgery as well as ASO. :smile:

Trust me, Korea nightlife is so much fun. Haha. Even without nightlife, it will be good to maintain a positive outlook such as treating the whole journey as a holiday. Mood brightens up speed up recovery. :biggrin:


Jul 29, 2014
wah thank you so much so detail your review very helpful. so much to read my english not that good also I need to read few more time sometime haha. Is it ok to share how much percent you think is ok to put down? Is it ok to only put deposit if is refundable?


Aug 17, 2008
Comfort Zone
wah thank you so much so detail your review very helpful. so much to read my english not that good also I need to read few more time sometime haha. Is it ok to share how much percent you think is ok to put down? Is it ok to only put deposit if is refundable?
hello Moreen, thanks for dropping by. I think usually deposit that clinics asked for are usually 20%. Try to bargain for lower deposit, I did bargain for a lower deposit. I am not sure if deposit can be refunded. So be very sure with what you want before putting down a deposit. :smile:


Aug 17, 2008
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2 months progress update.

Time flies really fast. It has been 2 months after surgery. Swelling has subside a lot through my everyday icing and use of "Made in Japan 24k plated Beauty Bar Pulse Facial Massager". I used the Beauty Bar 3min + 3 min of icing before work everyday. After work, I ice my face longer for about 10-20min.

I found a Chinese website on YKPS with more patients updated photos (for those interested and can read Chinese may visit):

Here is my progress photo, after 2months, my mouth can open about 3fingers wide. Invisalign braces treatment will start next month.

For ASO after surgery braces treatment is more of moving the back teeth toward the front in order to close the gaps for the 4 teeth removed during ASO. This was the conclusion from Christopher's dentist (another patient who did ASO with YKPS) and my dentist.



May 5, 2014
I saw u hv slight nasalabial fold before, do u think it disappeared after ASO when the mouth s not protruded and cause trough inbetween?