My FBF 01 Has New Colorful Friends

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  1. I haven't started a new thread for quite some time. I had to share these pretty little gems. I'll start with a photo of my holy grail, my 2001 FBF in caribou.


    Then here are my other Bal firsts - a style that I just love!


    And to dress up my firsts, here they are!


    A beautiful 05 apple green mini 10th Anniversary first; 04 seafoam mini 10th Anniversary first; and 04 marigold mini 10th Anniversary first. I compared the colors to some of my other Bals, and I believe that I have the correct years.

    I love these - the detail is so extraordinary!

    I have also ordered the 05 pink, and it should be here soon. I'm posting some comparison photos next!
  2. Here is my 04 first and 04 mini classique - I've shown them with the anniversary mini.




    Photos were taken in natural light, and with my flash. See how the 2004 marigold is a perfect match with the 10th anniversary mini!
  3. [​IMG]



    I do not have any other pieces of 2004 seafoam other than my 04 seafoam mini classique - my mini classique is faded, but I think that the 2010 anniversary mini is the 04 seafoam.
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    Thanks for sharing, lovelygarments, your collection is amazing! :drool: :drool:

    Love your 2001 FBF in caribou, the leather is beyond devine!

    Your cute mini are adorable, love the apple green and marigold most, you are right, the detail is truly extraordinary!

    BTW, love your mini classique, they are sooo cute! Do you actually use them since they are quite small?
  5. too cute!!! your fbf/ first collection is soooooooo amazing LG!!!
    love love love every single piece. you are now officially the first / mini classic / mini mini first key holder queen!!!!:queen::dothewave:
  6. ^^agree with kobe, that caribou fbf is divine, so rock&roll.
  7. Stunned!!!!!!!!!!!! :faint:

    Peeling self up off ground now... lovelygarments, your collection is beautiful !

    All of them lined on of your shelving is staggering lovely. How do you pull yourself away from them?

    All your Mini First keys are SO darlin. I was just saying that I were not deep in the middle of saving for my Bal, I would have grabbed one in a second! (And actually did anyway)

    I will live vicariously thru you pix. Thank you and enjoy them all, they look so great together!
  8. BEAUTIFUL!! I am always amazed and enamored by your fabulous collection! Love your new Mini additions!!
  9. [​IMG]

    another photo of my 04 marigold first with the mini, and in the background you can see my 07 juane work.


    my 05 black work (a true workhouse bag) with the seafoam mini


  10. [​IMG]

    I love these little charms!!!!

    End of my presentation - I had forgotten how much time it takes to take allof the photos, etc. Whew!
  11. Thank you, kobe! I rarely use the mini classique - occasionally I might wear one to a concert, or something like that. They are very small, and I would probably reach for a first FIRST. :biggrin:

    Hi del, thank you, sweetie! As a fellow Bal addict, I know you can understand my addiction. :smile:

    Thank you, HRS! I love Bal colors and leathers - there is nothing else out there like Bal - I've been hooked for several years now, and I don't see any sign that the addiction is wearing off.

    Thank you, scoobiesmomma! :biggrin:
  12. Awesome !!! wow Beautiful collection :party:

    Very cute combination match with the charms.
  13. Dearest of dears. Look at you. Look at your closet! Don't think I've forgotten those imfamous photos of your collection a few years back that made every one's jaws loosen! Is that shelf built specifically for your bbags?

    How adorable are those mini first key chains? Hard to get an idea of their true size when they are pictured 'alone' but this gives me a good idea.

    Great updated pics LG! :party:
  14. I LOVE the way you have all your Bal beauties displayed. The size and color groupings, accessories, etc. Perfection - you are very talented!! :yes: