my FB classique reunited w/ her big sister! :)

  1. i finally got her...:sweatdrop: :wlae:


    the sisters:

  2. aww...they look great together!
  3. Yeeaahhhhhhhhh 'N' sweetie :heart: ...... what a lovely sister-pair :yahoo: ! I'm so happy for you - both bags are GORGEOUS :drool: - ENJOY it :flowers: :love:
  4. What a beautiful sight! Congrats, they look fantastic together!!
  5. lovely, of course! :heart:
  6. thanks ladies... yah girl!:heart:

    mommy you as always!:heart:
  7. OMG, she's gorgeous Amour-girl, that's my new dream bag, congrats :love:
  8. you'll get one soon!!!! and I am pretty sure you will!!!:yes:
  9. Beautiful! Both of them. :yes:
  10. They're both amazing!!
  11. Truly special pair!!!
  12. awww!
  13. Both bags are GORGEOUS :drool:
    Congrats Amour !!!!! :flowers: :love:
  14. Awesome vintage B duo!
  15. awwwww N you finally found her! :love: They look lovely together!
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