My favourites....

  1. Over the years, my bags come and go..... I have to wear them and if I don't anymore for some reason, I have to give them away (mostly to my mom) or trade them away as I'm always afraid that the leather will spoil in our kind of weather. So, I'm always on the quest of looking to survive on just ONE bag - but have never been successful.... you all know why, I don't need to explain myself.

    However, these are my current favourites that I can't bear to part.

    Loewe Amazona
    Loewe Senda
    Loewe White - Front View
    Loewe White - Back View
    LoeweAmazona-2-rze.JPG LoeweSenda-3-rze.JPG Loewe-Frnt1-rze.JPG Loewe-Bck1-rze.JPG Dior-rze.JPG
  2. and a few more....

    Chanel Claire
    Mulberry Roxanne
    Prada (I use this alot when I travel)
    Prada Leather (hardly used now)

    Thanks for looking... happy to have some bags to share....
    ChanelClaire-rze.JPG Mulberry Roxanne.JPG Prada-rze.JPG PradaBeigeLeather-rze.JPG ChanelClassicBlack-rze.JPG
  3. I really like your Loewe Amazona.... :smile:

  4. Thanks, this is my current favourite, the leather is so so soft..... I've been wanting an Amazona for about a year, but each time, it's either they do not have the size that I want, or the range of that season just didn't appeal to me much.... it's always a sell-out in Singapore.

    Thanks for looking...
  5. I love the Prada (one you use for travel). I have the skirt and top in the same fabric....and think it is so beautiful!!!
  6. I love your beautiful eclectic assortment of bags!...fabulous collection.
  7. Your taste is exquisite!
  8. loooove ur bags...
    y have such a lovelytaste..
    thanx for sharing
  9. Ladies, thank you so much for your compliments.... I'm so happy that you think well of my collection! Really, I was hesitant to show as my jaws literally dropped when I view all the lovely gorgeous valuable collection on TPF. I try to limit my purchases as I feel very very guilty spending money on another bag when I already have enough to use (!) .... but we never really have enough do we? Oh wait, maybe, if I ever finally manage to get a Birkin !! Maybe....:sneaky:

    I forgot posting these 4, tho' not really gorgeous but these are ones that really stand up to all the bashing and still look OK :

    - Fendi wallet - current one, lots of compliments on the colour
    - Fendi carry all - for that dash to the supermarket
    - Fendi sling pouch - when I'm involved in my sons' school's Parent Support Groups activities!
    - LV cosmetic pouch - LVs really good in terms of workmanship & quality,
    4 years of daily use and still serving me very well xxx
    FendiWallet-rze.JPG FendiPouch-rze.JPG FendiSlingPouch-rze.JPG LVCosmetic.jpg
  10. Fabulous bags!
  11. I love your collection! Those Loewe, are just to die for. You have a really nice collection. Oh, where did you get that Fendi wallet, the purple one? It is soooo beautiful!
  12. Love the little Fendi!
  13. Love your Chanel Claire! Great collection!
  14. Thanky for the compliments.... glad my babies are giving some pleasure to you ladies...

    I got the Fendi wallet by chance! Walked in to Fendi, saw it with a 30% discount, decided against it as I was afraid the chain and colour would not survive as a daily wallet.... went home, kept thinking about it, next morning called up Fendi to have it reserved and picked it up in the afternoon!

    Amazingly, it's a toughie. It's used everyday and it has yet to show any wear and tear after 1.5 years, it still looks pretty new right now. I really believe that it's worth every penny buying a designer item - don't you all agree?:tender:
  15. Cute collection :smile: thank you for sharing.