My favourite outfit with my favourite Chanel bag

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  1. This is a picture of my new favourite dress, I am going to wear it with my favourite Chanel - baby lambskin flap with S/H and nude pumps.

    What is your favourite "Chanel" outfit? please post pictures if you have them :smile:

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  2. Chanelbaby, I can see why that is your favorite dress, it is truly stunning! and so unique, love how it looks so ethereal, light and the pattern is beautiful.
  3. oh it's a pretty dress :yes:
  4. Oh! I've seen a tpfer wearing this dress before when we're out. I wonder what brand it is, I forgot to ask her! It's really ladylike and pretty. Love the frocky look!
  5. That is one pretty dress! It looks so feminine and elegant, yet different at the same. Love it! I'd like to see it with the bag as well ;)

    My favourite outfit is a red dress (I've got 3 to choose from) with my black patent madison and black patent heels..
  6. such a pretty dress!
  7. LOVE the dress... so stunning! :heart:
  8. Love it,chanelbaby. I have to think what my fave outfit is to where with my bag:thinking:
  9. I'm crazy about that dress. It looks just great on you!
  10. love the dress. Which designer is it by?
  11. i love the dress!
  12. I do love that dress, so pretty!
  13. Ohh, what a pretty dress... I love it.
  14. Thanks everyone :smile:, my dress is from Zara.

    Anyone else want to contribute their favourite chanel outfit and bag?

    I was hoping Larkie might post here.
  15. ^ Unfortunately, fickle me doesn't have a 'favorite' outfit but I do have a favorite Chanel bag :graucho: Oh yes, Larkie has got to post! She's probably too busy exploring Barcelona and shopping lol. Psssttt, I'm more interested to know what she bought though :lol: