My Favourite LV Bag

  1. this is my favourite LV carryall bag... its a limited edition...

  2. OMG I love this bag too, have you got one ? Its very limited edition
  3. Hi socialite

    Yup... I could barely contained myself... the LV store had only one and i happened to be there at the right time I guess.... I hear they are reintroducing this mocha monogram mini again....for the bucket and I think speedy?
  4. I joined this forum to ask about this bag cause its my fave LV bag ever. I have only saw 2 pictures of it before...can you post more...its an amazing bag !
  5. also...when did you get it cause Im might ask my LV store
    if they can find me one ! :biggrin:
  6. Hi

    I got it a year ago... when I was holidaying in Bangkok at LV store there... it was sold out in most other major cities...I think u shd try to ask... u never might get lucky
  7. lol I cant stop looking at this thread cause I have hardly ever saw this bag in many pics and I love it. It just looks totally amazing. You are so lucky. I hope you dont mind me asking some questions on it cause I love it. Whats the V logo made from ? and please please could you post more pics...Im gunna show my mum as Im sure she would love it too.
  8. It is a very nice bag. Thanks for sharing.
  9. that is a very nice bag! does it come with a long strap?
  10. it looks sooo cute! love it
  11. Very nice
  12. Very nice....I wonder if that color is what the new mono mini lin is going to look like!
  13. Hi socialite

    This is a better photo showing the monogram mini pattern..

    Its mocha fabric and the LV monogram is in old gold thread... the bag comes with a rope sling that you can attach to the rings at the end of the it can be hand held or you can sling it over your shoulder... my digicamera is being recharged now and I will post more pics later

  14. thanks I love the bag even more. I like the leather used on it...its a work of art.
  15. Perfect weekender :smile: