My favourite Fendi bags!

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  1. I just wanted to say a special thanks to all my friends here on the Fendi thread for all your sweet birthday wishes!! I took an updated group pic of my favourite Fendi bags as it's my birthday!:yahoo:

    Saich, you are so sweet for spreading my birthday news!!;)
    Fendifamilypic1.jpg Fendimamababydenim.jpg
  2. ok i almosted peed in my pants.. look at that red/white spy!! and the blue/white b-bag!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

  3. nice collection..just wondering how u like the jean and white fendi spys?? i was thinking about getting it, but not sure if it's easy to match..thx
  4. Oh my goodness, your collection is fantastic!!! Happy Birthday!
  5. It's actually goes with a lot! I'm looking forward to using it in the Summer, it sits really well on my shoulder too compared to my leather Spies!:yes:

    Thanks girls for your sweet comments!!:heart:
  6. :nuts: Holy cow - all of your Fendis are fantastic!!! :nuts:

    Ooohhh, how do you choose every day which one to use? I have a hard enough time picking out my outfit every morning!!! :lol:

    :flowers: Have a wonderful birthday! :balloon:
  7. :love: Love your Fendis, especially the red & white acacia spy!

    :yahoo: AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!:yahoo:
  8. WOWEE WOW WOW!! FABULOUS Fendi collection HandbagAddict4Ever!!! :drool: I hope you've had a wonderful birthday!! :party: Of course with so many gorgeous Fendis to choose from...every day must feel like your birthday!! :yahoo:
  9. Funny, I've actually been wondering the same thing. I really want a Spy to go with my casual gear, I wear a lot of jeans...but I'm worried about getting a spy in denim as they might clash (either this striped or the new dark denim). I've really got to see one of these babies in person one day!
  10. Happy Birthday. I like your Fendi collection.
  11. I love your Fendi collection! WOW!
    My 2 favourite bags in your collection
    1. The Red and White ROCKSTAR Spy
    2. The Blue and White Buckle Bag
  12. I :heart: multiples, and I especially :heart: your mama-baby sets, particularly the honey spies! :nuts:

    Love it, love it, love it!!!!

  13. nice collectin! happy b-day.
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I am so loving your bags!!!!
  15. Hope you had a lovely birthday.

    Your collection is amazing, so beautiful. Love the denim ones.
    What one do you hope to get next?:graucho: