My favorite wapity use..... ipod case!

  1. I love using the wapity as an ipod case, so I can keep the hot wire and my ear phones with it (otherwise I can never find,,,


  2. I use my Trunks and Bags mini pochette for the exact same thing!!!
  3. Such a cute idea!!
  4. Great idea.
  5. I do this, too! Great minds think alike, Tink!
  6. thats a great idea!
  7. Very cute, tink!
  8. nice idea! you are such a techie! i love it!! :biggrin:
  9. Wow thats perfect :smile:
  10. Lol...I am, probably my number 2 love!
  11. Another good idea ;)
  12. i use mono mini pochette for the same thing!!!:tup::heart::p
    how's your belly mama?!!!;):heart:
  13. will they fit the older ipods? mine is the generation before they came out with the video ones...i can do pictures, but no video (ooh i wish i could though....i might sell mine and put the $$ towards a video one lol)
  14. wow you too eh? gal geeks rock :biggrin:
  15. Good idea!!! I just love the wapities. May have to have one in every color.