My favorite topic today, Belen Enchandia

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  1. Hi all,

    I think everyone knows here that I absolutely LOVE BE handbags. I'm delighted with my black crash Love me.

    Next purchase, the Stroke Me. I"m getting the large because I love slouchy handbags, although, I"m a little nervous that it will be too big for everyday. I'm still wondering if it's more for travel.... All feedback welcome.

    Also, the two colors I'm debating are wine and chocolate. I'm loving these colors probably because I've seen pics from posters here and I think they both look great.

    Again, any feedback on which color to go with are strongly welcomed.
  2. I know there are ladies on tpf who have the Wine Stroke Me and they love it. My personal story is that I ordered a Wine Stroke Me and exchanged it for a Chocolate one. The Wine did not work for me. But that's just me. I didn't find it a true "wine" color, as in a glass of Bordeaux. I found it a more rhubarb color and that didn't fly for me. But again, this is personal preference. Talk to the Wine ladies about their bags. I adore my Chocolate.
  3. Once again Tropical, great input. I enjoy chatting with you over BE. I think we have a lot in common between our Black Crash Love me and now our chocolate Stroke.

    I made my final choice, Chocolate, Here I come!!!!!!
  4. Tropical, just at our curiosity (since I think we have common taste and love for handbags), did you consider the pewter crash in the Love me also?

    I kept going back and forth for days over those two colors, I'm eventually going to just get the Pewter. First, the stroke me. I'll be patient or at least learn to be here.
  5. lovebags2: let me rain on your parade a little bit. you have already said you agree with me that the Love Me is heavy and has its flaws -- slips off shoulder etc. You already have one. Why would you ever consider getting another one in a different color. Take a breath. Slow down. If you must get something, get a Stroke Me... sorry, but you asked, I tell.
  6. Although the Love Me isn't completely flawless, it's still what I consider miles ahead of most of the other designer handbags in my closet!

    No rain here.....