My favorite SA left LV ... :(

  1. I'm suprisingly bummed about this.... I just called my LV store in Union Square and asked for Tim, and was told that he left the company and no longer works there! I didn't ask her to elaborate, like did he move to another store, etc. I'm actually kind of sad about this, he was really fun to work with. Drat. How could he do this to me!! lol

    Well, I'll still go in today and check out the pomme koala wallet... it just won't be the same!! :crybaby:
  2. Boo Hoo -
    Let us know when you find another prize SA at the Union Square location!

    My SA help there a few weeks ago were two very sweet girls, but very unfamiliar with most of the product. I kind of felt sorry for them - like LV didn't train them or something!
  3. awwww.... that's too bad. Well, time to go shop for another SA :biggrin: lol
  4. aww thats so sad a good SA is hard to find
  5. Awww, it sucks! My Sa left & I was really bummed for a bit, but as soon as I went back into the store I felt all better & found a new SA that is a doll. I hope you have the same luck.
  6. awww sorry to hear that jane! hope you find a new one you can develop a relationship with and enjoy their company!
  7. Oh dear, that is terrible, I hope you find another SA as good as he was.
  8. So sorry to hear that,
  9. Thanks everyone! I found out he left the company to work for his family or something. I went to LV today to buy my latest pomme goodie (pics momentarily) and worked with the accessories manager, who was fabuloous.
  10. Rats and congrats, Jane!
  11. Oh bummer.. that's still kind of sad cause you know, relationship !
  12. Oh no.. :crybaby: So sorry, I don't know WHAT I would do if mine left!