My favorite SA just left LV

  1. I was calling to inquire about the Neverfull in our local boutique and found out that my favorite SA does not work there anymore. I am kinda pissed because shopping is a breeze when you have a great sa. :sad:
  2. aww. im sorry to hear that your fav. SA left. That happened to me with my Gucci SA...=( I hope you can find another SA as great as your previous one.
  3. Aww, that is a total bummer! I hope you find a new SA that is just as sweet as your old one, I am sure you will!
  4. aw that sucks. did they just leave that store or leave the company?
  5. she left the company. thanks guys.
  6. ^^^what a great blogsite you have !!
  7. Thanks Travelbliss. Come back again!
  8. I just checked it out, too!

    It is FANTASTIC!!!
  9. ^^ ditto! I left the comment about the balikbayan boxes...those things are pretty awesome!

    and to the OP, I'm sure you will find another great SA! Good luck in your search!
  10. I hope you will find another great SA.... and your blogsite is :tup:
  11. Thanks guys for visiting my blog. I just got a new Speedy 30!!!!!
  12. Oh my :sad: So sorry that you lost your fave SA! Hope you find another good one soon :smile: