My Favorite Prada 50% off and back in Stock!

  1. nice!!!
  2. OOH! Someone go get it! This one's got staying power!
  3. Very Cute!
  4. Oh if only I had the money right now..
  5. Oh that's JUST how I feel. I've seen this bag IRL and I love it! I hope a tpfer snaps it up because it won't be available for long.....
  6. Well it's gone I hope someone got it.
  7.'s gone! What a gorgeous bag!
  8. I'm actually HAPPY it's gone! Now it's not there taunting me....I hope a tpfer got it!
  9. I have to wait for a while before getting another bag! Thanks for the post.
  10. the Ivory is still available :p
  11. Glad this is only available in ivory. I don't need the temptation!
  12. Ivory still up!
  13. im surpised its still there, is everyone on a purse ban??
  14. Um, maybe. :p