My favorite piece, Milla Clutch discontinued. What to do?

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  1. Just found out the Milla Clutch is discontinued. This is my first :heart: and favorite daily piece. I feel panicked. :P I know that is silly. I hope mine lasts forever. Does this look like an item LV could easily fix and restore throughout the years? Should I try to buy a new pre loved one now before they become harder and harder to find? I can really see myself using this for years to come and this is the first time I have dealt with a discontinued item. :smile: thanks.

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    It is hard to say. I just missed out, and am looking for one..I've been inspired by several of your posts on how much you love yours and it will hold a large phone which is a major positive. Sometimes LV has retired popular bags such as the Delightful, Neverfull, and Retiro only to bring back almost the same bag with same name with slight cosmetic changes. In each case I have the older model and seem to like it better, but at least there is something very close as a replacement. So far, they haven't introduced anything yet that fills the need of a slim, flat clutch/wristlet than can be carried in a lager bag to store cash, phone, and a lip gloss. I have an Eva clutch, but it is more of a bag than a wristlet.
  3. I KNOW! I wanted one in Mono and it's gone off the site. Does anyone know if they're completely sold out or could some be lurking at a store?
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    Yes, this design is clean and simple so LV should have no trouble performing repairs in the future. Cracking isn't likely to be a problem either unless you overstuff it.

    Try sleeping on the issue instead of panicking and put some careful consideration into whether or not you need another Milla to bring you peace of mind/comfort. As another post has mentioned there is a good chance that LV will release something new or redesigned that will make your heart doesn't mean you love the Milla less (most likely it will be more so since it's the only one) but instead that you're open to trying new things/diversifying your collection.
  5. Thanks. I am still relatively new to LV. It's good to know this piece looks simple enough to easily repair. I will hold off just for the reasons you said. And trust that LV can repair this when and if needed. :smile:
  6. Oh no �� this was in my wish list !!!
  7. They are still on the uk site but only in damier and showing call for availability
  8. What? :sad: I'd asked about this piece recently and was told to call to be placed on a waiting list.
  9. I bought one in DA last year and have kept it in the closet ever since- too beautiful to use... just bought another one in Monogram off of Ebay... not too many left... like the feel of the bag and the gold chain against the brown canvas... perfect if you don't carry much.
  10. Can't believe I found a brand new milla on FP. I have a bad habit of carrying phone and keys separate when running to the store. I wanted something sized between a PA and mini pochette. This should solve it.
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  11. Sorry! There is always the preloved market. LV has been discontinuing more and more lately. I guess the mono twinset is out too or so I heard which is a shame, its such a nice little bag.
  12. I bought one last year and never used it. I can't find use for it.. I'm actually thinking of selling it (to admin: not trying to sell here!!!!) so in a way in my eyes I can see how LV is discontinuing it. It must not have sold well, and if I could do it over I would never have gotten it. It's one of my regrets. Reading these posts, it makes me re consider selling it, but still don't know what to use it for..
  13. My Milla is one of my most used LV items! I use it as a wallet and "keep all" when I use a smaller bag. So handy instead of using multiple other items - wallet, card holders, coin purse, etc. I've also used it for cosmetics, Tylenol, snacks for the kids, you-name-it. I couldn't do without it. I find it much better than a wallet in most of my bags. So sorry to hear they discontinued it but hopefully you can find one on a resale site in good condition.
  14. Maybe get another one in Azur? If it's your favorite piece, I think it's worth getting another one vs regretting not. I have it in Azur and love it but am not surprised they are discontinuing it. :sad: The price is pretty high for such a small piece.
    I keep hoping they come out with a Mini Pochette NM to accommodate all the new big phones. Good luck deciding.
  15. For now I am just loving the one I have. I never saw a lot of talk on tPF about the Milla but it is such a versatile bag. It can be dressed up or down. It fits snugly under my arm so I have actually worn it under a jacket (above my shirt) for safety when out traveling the world. I can easily throw it into another bag. I have used it every day and it is in incredible shape. I think I will trust LV to fix her up when the time comes.
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