my favorite new bracelet

  1. i had this bracelet that i received as a gift years ago. wasn't thrilled with it, but now i have a reason to LOVE it.
  2. omgd, forgot the pics!
    scarf.JPG.jpg bracelet.JPG.jpg
  3. Now THAT is beyond fantastic. That's so cute, and you're just the cleverest!
  4. wooo that's too cute! what a smart idea!!!
  5. Very nice:yes:
  6. thanks gga, fesdu and ******.
    i love how it's thick and clunky but soft, and so colorful.
    and it's quiet and comfortable on.
  7. Love it Heely - am off to raid DDs "jewel" box for something plastic to wrap!

    So creative :tup:
  8. YES!
    omgd, handybags, it's recycling at its finest!!!
  9. Brilliant idea!
  10. Cute idea - can you model it?
  11. Great idea! I wonder if I could do the same thing with a twilly?
  12. You can fit your arm through there? :confused1: it looks so tiny. Show m how it looks please.
  13. very creative! i love it!
  14. that's neat!
  15. Love it!!!!!!!!!