my favorite LV store in saks is closing

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  1. Saks in bala cynwyd is closing their LV department. I'm so sad because the next nearest store is horrible. The staff at saks is wonderful.
  2. I know, i found this out a few weeks ago. Did you ever go to KOP LV store ? I love it there! Its really big and the SA's have always been nice to me for the most part. I even got a few Salon appointments :smile:. If you need to go to a Saks though how about the one in Chevy Chase MD ?They are awesome !!! There are 2 stores in Chevy Chase MD . One is a stand alone LV , the other is inside the Saks. They are right down the road from each other.
  3. do you know the date they will be officially closed?
  4. I know this was not for me but the date is April 7 th
  5. thank you momof3boyz.. a good friend of mine works at saks there however she never informed me that the LV department is closing
  6. I'm so sorry to hear that. I know how wonderful it is to have the additional boutique.
  7. So sorry to hear that :sad:
  8. That's so strange because the LV in Neimans closed here too. Wonder why they are doing that? hmmm
  9. Hmmm.. that is strange .? I wonder if more of these boutique LV stores will be closing this year now .? Oh BTW....are you getting your Montaigne ? I voted in your thread a few weeks ago :biggrin:
  10. I'm in Dallas and the LV closed a few years before the Saks store eventually closed. Saks closed 5 stores in Texas. I think the only one left is in Houston.
  11. :sad:
  12. Yes I am sad too. I love Jane over there, she is so sweet and helpful and never pushy. Bec this LV is so much closer to me, I only rarely went to the one in KOP. I too wonder why Saks LV is closing. Do you think LV is going to be mainly standalone boutiques? I'm gonna miss my Saks points for sure!
  13. Actually not since I saw Ashley Tisdale rocking my cube lately. I just can't let it go! I visited the Montaigne in the store and it wasn't as pretty as I expected. At least not for me. Now, I'm considering selling my speedy 25 emp since I just can't go that small. It's my only 25 speedy and it just feels tiny. I love the bag but I'm not using it and I've used the cube more. Might be going to a NF MM MONO. I'm a casual person and it just fits my style more then they Montaigne. I am going to Hawaii in July and might purchase one one my trip. Weird about the botiques closing, still not sure what's up with that.
  14. OOOH!! Yes! I saw that picture . It looks really great. I always thought the cube was a very nice bag. But then again i am a huge speedy I hear ya on the 25. It is kind of small :sad:. I saw the Montaigne in the store and personally liked it better in the mono canvas. Leather just is not me . I am happy to hear you are keeping the cube. Good choice. The MM nf sounds like a nice choice for you trip to Hawaii. I am not sure whats up with all these closings either :thinking:
  15. I was about to begin a Saks Bala Cynwyd closing thread. But I did a search first and landed here! I am so sad. Jane was the best. I'm just very surprised that she never told me they'd be closing. Apparently they had 2 months notice and there were contract disputes. Maybe when I made my last purchase around Valentines Day she did not know yet. Or maybe she was not allowed to say anything. I'm most disappointed about not being able to purchase Vuitton in person using my Saks card. I won't drive to Maryland! Still in shock but grateful for the bags I've purchased in the last few years.