My Favorite Indie Purse/Bag Ladies

  1. Hiya! I haven't posted in this folder yet. :smile: I have found a couple of super awesome independent designers. I've purchased from three of them so far and plan to purchase from the other as soon as I get a few more jewelry sales. LOL I need spending money!

    So I thought I'd share their amazing work with you all. ;)

    I want this bag from Fierce Kitten Studios. And I just love her company name. And I've chatted with her quite a bit in other forums and she is awesome!

    Then there is Oh So Retro, also a very cool company name. I purchased an adorable business card holder that gets lots of compliments.

    And I've purchased two wallets and a litter bag (don't we need car purses too?) from Allyson Hill. She is SO sweet! And very talented.

    And last but not least, Eirene, who makes funky bags. I purchased a Pin Up Girl purse and receive lots and lots of compliments. :love: It's SO fun and cute!

    I hope you guys like these gals as much as I do. I know they aren't LV or name brand but they do make super cute and fun items.

    Have a Happy Monday!
  2. No comments? Really? Even if they're bad comments I'd still love to read 'em. LOL Perhaps my taste in purses isn't refined enough yet. :roflmfao:
  3. I really like these! The litter bag is something I've been looking for and didn't even realize they made! thanks so much for posting.
  4. Love the Pinup dolls bag--does she customize the color on top? I don't really wear alot of green--
  5. I'm sure she could. I did see another one she had posted that had a black top color. She does such a great job. The seams are amazingly tight and professional.

    Twinklette - Aren't those great!!! I'd never seen them before. She is super clever. :biggrin:
  6. Thanks for the post! I love checking out the indie designers.