My favorite GUCCI Pieces...

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  1. Out of my entire collection, this is my favorite bag and shoes! But I have only worn them 3 times...its just not your "everyday" bag and shoes...
  2. Ohhh that bag is everything! Very nice!
  3. Wow nice python pieces!!!
  4. Beautiful! My advice is to ear them regardless, weather permitting!!!
  5. Love python! Gorgeous!
  6. Beautiful
  7. Gucci-Girl">
    Awesome python pieces.
  8. You should wear them while you love them... I've "hoarded" favorites for special occasions before, only for them to not be favorites anymore one day, and that makes them kind of a waste.
  9. Beautiful
  10. Wear them :smile: I use my python bag as an everyday bag except when its raining . I do baby her thought ..
  11. thank you everyone
  12. Stunning bag and gorgeous colour :heart: