my favorite Chanel bag

  1. Just wanted to share pictures of my grey reissue with fellow pfers. Absolutely love this bag and I wear it everyday ever since getting it in late December :love: chanel01.jpg

  2. Its gorgeous and looks great on you. Is that a 227??
  3. It's beautiful!! It looks really nice on you! I really like that gray color...lucky you!
  4. thats really nice... i like the color. looks greyish/purplish?
  5. The reissues are such great bags!:heart:

    It looks great on you, and I LOVE your coat.:smile:
  6. I also have this bag and really love it.

    It looks great on you. Congrats!!!!
  7. Looks great and love the coat too.
  8. love that. looks great on you.
  9. Thanks everyone! Luccibag, the size is 227.
  10. It's a nice bag
  11. Very nice!!!! I like it in that color too!!!
  12. Love it. Looks great with red!
  13. It really is a gorgeous bag, isn't it? I just got one in black and love it so much, :heart: I'm kind of saving it for special occasions.

    Enjoy it, it looks fabulous on you!!!
  14. I love that bag and your coat is so good-looking.
  15. I wore my reissue every day for like a month after getting it, my husband joked to people that I carried it from room to room at home! I know how you must be loving it. Enjoy it!