My Favorite Chanel bag!

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  1. hi, please do not post photos of counterfeits, that website sells illegal fakes.

  2. its a cute bag..but the one pictured is fake fake fake!

    the real one is pretty though!
  3. Ahah yeah I was thinking it was fake too.
    But yeah the reporter bags are one of my favorites too !
  4. yuck yuck...its fake
  5. Yes it's fake but i like this bag!
  6. as you can probably tell, we don't love fake bags here and strictly prohibit links or photos of them.
    You're welcome to post a photo of an authentic one.
    Also, as a heads' up, the one in your signature is fake and it's just a matter of time before the site owner removes it, in case you want to beat him to the punch.
  7. haha! the photo and the post was gone!
  8. ick fake bags are a no no!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.